Day 2 Bed bug tour - continued - Jim Fredericks

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Day 2 Bed bug tour - continued - Jim Fredericks


Jim Fredericks is now taking the stage

(NPMA bed bug task force)

Understanding Bed Bug Treatment and Inspection Methods

Jim is speaking about his first bed bug experience...

jim fredricks npma

Bed bugs in America

  • 95% PMP's reported seeing or dealing with Bed Bugs last year
  • 20% report BB infestations greater than 10 years
  • 76% PMP's say its the most difficult pest to treat

Best management practices

  • integrated methods- non-chemical, traditional options and monitoring devices
  • community wide approach - discourage disposal of mattress,inspections,train and educate
  • consumer protection-Identify active infestations, communicate fees,details of service,expectations
  • education- training all employees,tech's,salespeople involved in the bed bug work, educate,communicate

Visit the link below to learn more best practices:


Methods of Detection Being Used

  • Canine scent detection
  • Visual inspections
  • Monitoring Devices - Active, heat, carbon dioxide, passive monitors 
  • Mattress & Box spring encasements
  • Vacuums
  • Traditional Insecticides
  • Steam
  • Heat
  • Freezing
  • Fumigation

Jim Fredericks continues...

Bed bugs "the BIG picture"

based on surveys submitted in November of 2010

Consumer attitudes about bed bugs

  • Creepy
  • dirty
  • nasty
  • itchy
  • gross
  • bites

Have you heard anything about bed bugs?

  • 80% yes
  • 20% no

How did you hear about bed bugs?

  • TV 80%
  • Newspapers 35%
  • Online 25%
  • friends and family 17%
  • radio 10%
  • ads/flyers 3%
  • Apartment managers 1%

T or F - Bed Bugs transmit diease to and from humans

  • 45% yes
  • 32% not sure

The Answer is FALSE

Bed Bugs are more common among lower incomes? 


T or F Bed Bugs are attracted to dirty homes 


Are Bed bugs on the rise?

were on an upward trend globally!

Where are they finding Bed Bugs?

  • homes 
  • apartments 
  • public transportation 
  • hospitals 
  • laundry rooms 
  • movie theaters 
  • churches 
  • doctors offices

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