San Diego Pest Control - Officials Remove Large Balboa Park Beehive

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San Diego Pest Control - Officials Remove Large Balboa Park Beehive


Hive Was Home To Honey Bees, Not Africanized Bees


bee hive

San Diego Parks and Recreation officials removed a massive beehive from a tree in Balboa Park Wednesday evening.


The hive, which was home to an estimated 2,000 honey bees, hung directly over a pathway used by hundreds of walkers, joggers and bikers every day, according to Park and Recreation officials.


A representative with Agricultural Pest Control told 10News the bees are likely honey bees, not Africanized honey bees. Africanized honey bees attacked a Lemon Grove couple Tuesday and killed an Encinitas man in June.

The representative said the city asked them to remove the Balboa Park hive. Pedestrians have reported the hive to the Parks and Recreation department before but the hive was never removed. A small barrier guarded the area underneath the hive until someone knocked it down. 10News spoke with a Balboa Park Ranger Wednesday and a short time later a bigger barricade was placed around the entire tree. Signs were also posted warning pedestrians about the beehive.


Agricultural Pest Control said removed the hive later Wednesday evening when it was cooler, as bees fly slower when the temperature cools down.


Experts said bees also get very agitated and swarm around anyone nearby when the hive is removed, which is another reason why they removed the hive at night.


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