California Rats - Rats Gone Wild: Rodents Invade SoCal Homes

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California Rats - Rats Gone Wild: Rodents Invade SoCal Homes


As temperatures rise, experts say more and more residents are discovering rat infestations in their homes.

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LOS ANGELES -- As the temperatures start to rise, so too do unwanted pests in and around your house. Residents of a number of Los Angeles neighborhoods are reporting rat infestations in their homes.

With the recent discovery of mice infected with hantavirus in Devore and Coyote Canyon near Fontana in San Bernardino County, officials are urging residents to avoid contact with any kind of rodent and to take precautions to reduce rodent populations.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends residents eliminate any available food sources by storing food and trash in rodent-proof containers, and frequently cleaning the containers with soap and water. Pet food and birdseed are favorite snacks of rodents. Pet food should not be left out, but removed after the pet has eaten. If you have rats or mice, you may want to remove any birdfeeders around your home as well.

Residents are also advised to trap any mice or rats they see, rather than using poison which can lead to unwanted odors and hidden carcasses. Be sure to seal up all entry holes and plug any gaps inside as well as outside your home with steel wool, metal lath or caulk.

Keep in mind that rodents can enter your home through holes as small as a quarter and can breed seven times a year. They typically invade cool spots in search of water. They can often be found in crawl spaces underneath homes and in attics, but can eventually migrate into other parts of your home with enough time and opportunity.

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