Termite Bites! - Terrorized by termites

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Termite Bites! - Terrorized by termites

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Terrorized by termites
Terrorized by termites
Terrorized by termites
It all started when Mary Ann Taylor noticed that her one-year-old grandson's back and leg were blistered with what she thought were ant bites.

So she took him to the doctor. "The doctor told me to get some cream to put on him," she says.

Taylor says the doctor told her, the bites were too big for ants, and that the boy may have been bitten by termites. The family had just moved into a home in north Jacksonville. On the outside it looks normal, but inside, it was infested with termites.

"Its all on this wall and that wall over there. All of the ceiling is rotten. He said its been ate up. If you step through its going to fall straight down," says Taylor.

Exterminators found hundreds of swarming termites inside Taylor's home.

Robert Teal is a termite expert. He says, more termite colonies are popping up all over Jacksonville. Blame the change from cold to hot weather that's sending these wood hungry insects to attack your home. "As they come out of the winter season, there's higher levels of humidity. It softens the wood and the higher temps lets them know it's time to swarm and create a new colony," says Teal.
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