Haiti Earth Quake - Terry Clark Recaps Their Final Day

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Haiti Earth Quake - Terry Clark Recaps Their Final Day


Day 3 update - Sorry for the delay, Terry was recovering from the trip and an illness he had suffered.

Day 3 began with a presentation to Boucard Pest Control with plans to adopt a hospital. Using Boucard Pest Control as the labor source, the NPMA is funding this project and will visit from time to time as well as oversee the project.

Boucard Pest Control will receive supplies and equipment to assist in the effort.

After the presentation we drove to the Israeli Consulate's residence to evaluate termite damage, we found both West Indian dry Wood and Formosan termites.

The Consulate's home was severely damaged by the quake and was unoccupied due the structural damage.

The treatment method offered by Boucard novel, consisting of sticking a hose in the ceiling releasing methyl bromide into the ceiling void. we discussed complete fumigation of the structure, the operator did not have what was needed to completely fumigate the structure which was, tarps, clips and sand bags. We suggested sub-contracting to either the Dominican or the U.S.


Sorry for the blurry shot of the Formosan termite, the soldier was very aggressive!

After the Consulate we met for lunch and then departed for the airport. Very few photos from day 3, I was rather burned out from the whole voyeur aspect.

9 of the 14 fell ill upon our return, all have recovered and 5 required hospitalization including myself. 

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