Haiti Update - Camp life - Day 2 cont.

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Haiti Update - Camp life - Day 2 cont.


Here the Minister of Environment in the red shirt explains his plans  

for expanding this camp. He said that at this time he was not sure how  

many were living in the camp. Perhaps 5000 people he claimed, it  

appeared to be three times that many.

The camp is located on a barren hilly rock covered grazing area  

adjacent to treeless mountains scarred by erosion. The rains end up  

flowing through portions of the camp up to five inches deep.



This treeless landscape is home to thousands of families. The weather  

was in the high 90's, but that won't stop children from playing with  

toys such as this childs guitar.







The showers are just basically a box. Bring your own bucket and water.  

Strange as it is this camp although horrible was well organized and  

planned out by the Haitian goverment.


Here you can see that there are garbage cans and a stand has been  

built for a water bladder that has not been installed yet. More camps  

such as this are planned to go all the way to the mountains in the  

back to replace the 1600 intercity camps that are covering the parks  

and squares through Port Au Prince.






While they keep a happy face for the camera the government has  

"Decapitaized" these people. Without money crime is lessened?

The last food drop was 20 days ago and there is no way to get back to  

town three miles away but to walk.



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