Haiti-Terry Clark day 2 in Haiti Relief - Waste management

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Haiti-Terry Clark day 2 in Haiti Relief - Waste management


Day two started at the government run waste management facility. As  

with everything else life here is not yet back to normal.

Only thirty percent of the trucks are running on a daily basis, about  

40 units. Most have been sidelined due to wheel and tire problems  

because of the debris littering the streets. Concrete rubble and rebar  

bend wheels break axles and puncture tires so fast the maintenance  

crews can not obtain parts fast enough. These trucks were all out for  

tire and wheel issues, I counted 14 sitting at this facility.

One thing I was impressed with was how clean the facility was kept. It  

was the cleanest place we visited in Haiti, likely due to the  

maintenance staffs inability to do their regular duties.



waste management



































These garbage trucks were stripped in 2004 when the president of Haiti  

fled the country. Most of the trucks were only two years old at the  

time. While searching for sanitation issues we did find standing water  

in the back of all these vehicles. We recommended that holes be cut in  

the platforms to allow drainage and stop the spread of mosquitos. 























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