Haiti Visit - Quake aftershocks continue - Day 1 cont.

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Haiti Visit - Quake aftershocks continue - Day 1 cont.


"Traveling back from meeting with the minister of the environment we  passed block after block of ruins. Where to start rebuilding? There is  so much wrong yet the people of Haiti must go on with their lives. The  Haitians are nice clean ordinary people caught in the worst nightmare  you could ever imagine." You can see how important Haiti refief is!

Terry passed on information that there was a 4 point something aftershock last Sunday, still feeling the Haitian Earthquake, so people are still on edge and unwilling or unable to move home. "Lives are too precious to be exposed to all this." Terry said.
























Terry found a makeshift dumpsite, which started after the Haiti Earthquake, fifty feet behind the hospital, the people have no waste management so they pile the garbage behind the fence.  To help clean the area they raise goats and pigs. With the amount of poor sanitaion due to the earthquake, pest control is needed with the number of rats, flies and termites. 

Haiti waste management

















"As I was saying they raise pigs behind the hospital. This 200 pound example had a colar on so I know he was not wild."

The sanitation at the adjacent hospital was poor to none existent.

"We  saw puddles ten feet long teeming with mosquito larve. This one puddle was producing thousands of Mosquitos a day. We asked the chief of staff if they could alter the wall that held back this stagnant pool." Terry said

With a roll of her eyes she told us it wasn't that easy, "With garbage 
all around us it really wouldn't change anything" she said.

She could be correct but anywhere else the people would demand better.

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