Rodent Control-Two confirmed cases of plague in dead squirrels

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Rodent Control-Two confirmed cases of plague in dead squirrels

The Tri-County Health departments were called to investigate two squirrels found in the area of Third Street and Hillside Drive in Castle Rock Colorado. They have confirmed that these two animals indeed had the plague.

Tri-county health department

 If you see any dead or sick looking rodents of any kind, you should stay away, keep your pets away and report the animals to the Castle Rock office of the Tri-County Health Department, 303-663-7650, to report the location of the animals.

"Castle Rock workers and residents are being warned to protect themselves and their pets from exposure to rodents that may carry fleas," said Dr. Richard L. Vogt, executive director of the Tri-County Health Department. "Fortunately, the risk of human infection is very low as long as people take appropriate precautions."

There have been no reports of human plague cases in Colorado in 2010. Plague is a bacterial disease spread by fleas that live on rodents such as prairie dogs, squirrels and rabbits. Infected rodents become sick and die.

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