"Bed Bug Treatments" - Victoria Fickle

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"Bed Bug Treatments" - Victoria Fickle


By far my personal favorite for the day was Victoria Finckle's lecture. Victoria is a true entomologist with focused studies on Bed Bugs. Victoria's topics included: 

Bed Bug Biology

Mating and reproduction

Feeding habits

Signs and symptoms 

Variations of bites


Controlling Bed Bugs 

K9 scent detection

Conventional Bed Bug Treatment

Mechanical Control - Vacuuming

Steam Treatment

Mattress and Box spring encasement

Discarding infested items

Bed Bug Pest Control Services

We publish and republish alot on Bed Bugs so this was a treat! It would be very beneficial if others took this topic a little more serious. Some older posts I have made focus on what to look for when traveling, its worth a look. 

As a personal note: 

I thought I was the biggest insect geek, I have met my match! great lecture, kept me itching the entire time! 


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