Fire Ant Control - Club soda? Maybe just the club ...

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Fire Ant Control - Club soda? Maybe just the club ...


Entomologists bugged by bad advice on fire ant control

Contact(s): Elizabeth "Wizzie" Brown, 512-854-9600,   AUSTIN - Entomologists are being bugged again by erroneous pest control advice that's been popping up all over cyberspace like ants at a picnic, said a Texas AgriLife Extension Service entomologist in Austin.

"I've gotten several emails recently asking about club soda as a fire ant mound treatment," said Wizzie Brown, AgriLife Extension integrated pest management program specialist in Travis County. "This information has been floating around on the Internet since 2007, but seemed to regain momentum starting in December of last year."

Other AgriLife Extension entomologists throughout the state have been receiving similar inquiries, she said.

The message on the Internet relates to "an environmentally friendly cure for fire ants," Brown said, and suggests the reader pour two cups of club soda directly onto the center of a fire ant mound to control the colony.

"This message has been passed around the Internet via email, and has found its way into gardening forums and has been picked up by media - all without any scientific testing to back it up," she said.

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