Pest Control In Restaurant and Fast Food Operations

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Pest Control In Restaurant and Fast Food Operations

Posted by Christopher on Thursday, December 31, 2009

Planning a Pest Management Program

There is no quick and easy ways of solving pest problems in restaurant, particularly when confronting a well established population of German Cockroaches. An effective pest management program involves hardwork, both by pest control professional and by the owner.

If previous pest management program had failed to solve the problem, it is like to take more time and more money (perhaps 5 to 10 times more money) to do an effective job. Most restaurants and fast food operations faces a budget issue thus they usually goes for the cheapest and least number of treatments rather than solving their pest problems. This objection can be easily overcome by explaining the dangers of a pest problem in term of potential disease transmission, loss of reputation and litigation, and by assuring them that even longstanding problems can be solved.

Pest management programs may vary from place to place, depending on such factors as climate, construction methods and materials, the locations especially in shopping complexes where presence of adjoining buildings, floor level sanitations and maintenance standards and lastly the level of commitment of the owner.

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