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Pest Control - Ants and Termites

During the holiday season with Christmas approaching, we are all very busy decorating, wrapping presents to realize that we could possibly be inviting Ants and Termites into our homes! These tips will help you remove that welcome mat and take away the worry of holiday invaders.


Ants can really put a damper on a holiday party or even Christmas dinner, we treat the most common Ants, one in particular is the Argentine Ant, this guy is hands down the most common found inside your home.


Argentine Ant

The Argentine ant will nest near a source of moisture, such as; household plumbing, sinks and potted plants. Workers follow routine trails while seeking food and may be accompanied by winged queens. The Argentine ant may nest as deep as 24 and will forage for food up to 200 feet from their nest and make use if tree branches and even utility lines to travel.

The Argentine ant prefers sweets, such as; fruit juices, candy and plant secretions.

How to keep them away

  • Seal all exterior plumbing lines coming into your home and or garage
  • Seal around exterior electrical outlets and breaker boxes
  • Keep a tidy kitchen, making sure your counters are free of food residue
  • Food and candy should be kept covered when left out
  • Vacuum often, kids and pets may drop food particles



We treat the three major Termites found in California and Nevada, the Drywood, Dampwood and Subterranean Termite. All are very destructive and could cause $1000's of dollars in damage to your home.


The Drywood Termite

The Drywood termite will colonize in attics where temperatures may exceed 131 F. Here they locate their colonies in wood with more favorable temperatures, such as ceiling joists that have their bottom sides cooled by the A/C below.


The Dampwood Termite

As their name implies, dampwood termites locate their colonies in damp, decaying wood, typically found in old trees, stumps and logs and known for attacking utility polls, pilings and fence posts.


The Subterranean Termite

The Subterranean termite swarms during daylight and occurs during springtime. Colonies are located underground, usually below the frost line and above the water table and rock formations. The Subterranean termite builds mud tubes to travel through areas of adverse conditions and will run from the colony and the food source.

How to keep them away

  • Make sure firewood is stored away from your home
  • Keep your yard free of wood debris
  • Cardboard should be discarded in a recycle bin kept away from your home
  • Repair any water leak promptly. Remember termites like it moist so any source of moisture will draw them.
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