Bed Bugs - Edge of Nature: Bedbugs are night stalkers

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Bed Bugs - Edge of Nature: Bedbugs are night stalkers


December 15th, 2009, 7:30 am
posted by Pat Brennan, green living, environment editor

Bedbugs are not as rare as they once were in Orange County; while there are no major outbreaks in the area, the past five years have seen more reports of the blood-sucking creatures than in previous years.

And by all accounts, they are terrible house guests: they bite, they smell bad, and they won't leave. Experts say getting rid of bedbugs from a building with an entrenched infestation is extremely difficult.

That might be because common bedbugs are human specialists, adapted to thrive in our dwellings and batten on our blood. They attack at night, while we sleep, and though some people feel a prick of pain from the bite itself, many don't realize they have bedbugs until the bites, especially around the face, grow itchy and swollen - or until they see staining on bed sheets from bedbug waste.

Photo by: The Orange County Register

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