Targeting mosquito larvae before they become adults

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Targeting mosquito larvae before they become adults


Pest abatement district completes first year of work

By Nate Poppino - Times-News writer

Twin Falls County's brand-new pest abatement district aggressivelymosquito assaulted black flies and mosquitoes this year and is taking steps to do an even better job next year, representatives told county commissioners on Friday morning.

The visit, during which the district delivered its annual report, gave the commissioners a chance to ask questions about the abatement work they launched themselves with an emergency district two years ago.

Voters in 2008 approved the creation of a formal, better-financed district, complete with an annual budget of $442,000 and a public board of directors. For now, it focuses mainly on just the two insects: Mosquitoes can carry disease and pester humans, breeding in standing water, while black flies prefer moving water and are mainly a threat to livestock operations.

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