Spider Control - Worlds Deadliest Spider

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Spider Control - Worlds Deadliest Spider


In the US we have our share feared spiders, the Brown Recluse, the Hodo Spider and the Black Widow, all with venom that packs a serious punch, each requiring medical attention. These 3 can be aggressive but like most arachnids really do not want any thing to do with you unless your prey.

So what Spider as been dubbed the Deadliest? Well this Spider is native to South America Amazon and seems to like stowing away in banannas being shipped throughout the world. This spider is called The Brazillian Wandering Spider. What makes this arachnid deadly is that, as the name implies, it wanders the jungle floor at night to hunt and during the day they hide inside termite mounds, under fallen logs and rocks, and in banana plants and bromeliads. This Spider is known to hide in dark and moist places in or near human dwellings. When hunting this spider has been know to attack first and ask questions later, completely unprovoked.

The bite from the Brazillian Wandering Spider can be fatal to bothwandering spider children and animals, in any event both would require immediate medical attention and antivenom. A bit to an adult can cause severe problems and as well should seek medical attention immediatly.

This Spider has been spotted and captured in bunches of bananas, from the US, to the UK and even Denmark. Each one has been captured by produce clerks and even grocery store managers and have been turned over to professionals who study arachnids.

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