Pest Control Beagle helps Stamford charity sniff out bed bugs

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Pest Control Beagle helps Stamford charity sniff out bed bugs


By Devon

STAMFORD -- To fight an ongoing pest problem, St. Luke's LifeWorks turned to a 3-year-old expert last week.

The organization, which provides housing and education to those in need, hired Ellie, a beagle, and her handler through Bliss Exterminators to determine which offices and residences in the Franklin Street headquarters have been besieged by bed bugs.

After discovering bugs in the first-floor city health clinic earlier this month, St. Luke's was forced to halt clothing donations until protocols could be put into place to prevent the spread or reintroduction of the bloodsucking parasites, which reappeared in many communities in the past few years.

"Our priority is our people," said Johnnie Malloy, St. Luke's chief learning officer. "We're hoping to resume the clothing donation soon, but for now, people should consider other places, like Person to Person, the Salvation Army and Goodwill."

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 Bliss Exterminators uses Ellie, a 3-year-old beagle, to search for bed bugs Friday in a playroom at St. Luke's LifeWorks in Stamford. (Kathleen O'Rourke/Staff photo)



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