Clark Pest Control introduces "Estrella"

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Clark Pest Control introduces "Estrella"


As you all know I am Charli the Tarantulas keeper, currently Charli lives at my home with a few others. Well all of us at Clark wants


 Charli back at Corp. Office, she would be really lonely in my office with out a friend right? well guess what...I picked her up a friend (she loves looking into other tanks).

The newest member of the Clark family is Estrella (Star in Spanish), She is a Curly Hair Tarantula (Brachypelma albopilosa) which orginates from Honduras and other parts of South America. Estrella is captive bread here in Northern California and is calm/docile. She is very sweet and will love her new home.  Keep an eye out for videos of both Charli and Estrella!

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