Fire Ants and Rain

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Fire Ants and Rain


piles are popping up everywhere, the rain is to blame

Aaron Smith The 33 News
October 15, 2009

They build they're empire right next to yours. The fire ant is back this season and with a vengeance thanks to the rainy season. Pest control business owner James Brooks says, " The rain flushes them out of the ground cause they're hot and dry then when it rains they bring all the eggs and ants and everything to the surface."

That's when they start building these mounds all over your yard. Everyone copes differently. Homeowner Cory Current says, " I just kind of let them go, they'll go away on time. Long as they ain't bothering me I ain't worried about them."

James Brooks of Frisco pest control says he's getting 10 to 12 calls a day for imported fire ants, saying, " These right here will sting you, they have a severe sting and that's the difference between this ant and other ants."

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