Tent comes down from Bedbug-infested Richmond building

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Tent comes down from Bedbug-infested Richmond building


As you all know we have been posting articles about bed bug infestations as well as having a guest blogger write and article on bed bugs. until now we have not reported on infestations real close to home. The Contra Costa Times has been folllowing this story, please take the time to read as well as visiting their site!

By Katherine Tam
Contra Costa Times
Posted: 10/13/2009 03:46:05 PM PDT Updated: 10/13/2009 03:46:05 PM PDT

The giant 55-foot-tall tent that has enveloped a Richmond public-housing high-rise during a three-day fumigation to kill bedbugs came down Monday.

Crews will air out the six-story, 150-unit Hacienda apartment building at 13th and Barrett avenues, use meters to ensure no more gases remain, inspect the units and clean up before tenants return Thursday, said Matt Fisher of Oakland-based Omega Termite and Pest Control.

Residents began noticing itchy bites on their bodies in March and begged the city Housing Authority to fix the problem. Officials sprayed some individual units in May, but the bedbugs persisted.

At residents' urging, the city agreed to tent and fumigate the building. Officials emptied the building late last week, moving tenants into local hotels or asking them to stay with relatives.

Crews with the pest control company dropped a giant tent over the Hacienda and fumigated it to purge it of bedbugs and their eggs. Fumigations also kill other pests, such as roaches and fleas, Fisher said. In addition, the company will wrap every mattress in special bug-proof encasements to stop bedbugs from penetrating beds in case the pests are reintroduced into the building, such as through furniture that is unknowingly infested.

On Monday morning, curious tenants drove by the building and slowed down to gaze at the yellow-and-black tent. They were pleased the city was fumigating the building, they said, and they hope the bedbugs are gone for good when they come home.

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