Commercial Audition Finalist Selected - Best of the West Cook-Off

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Commercial Audition Finalist Selected - Best of the West Cook-Off

Nine Year-Old Mariah Glassgow of Marysville Selected As Finalist in Clark Pest Control's Commercial Auditions


Lodi, Calif. (October 2, 2009) - After auditioning more than 100 people during the Best of the West Rib Cook-Off in Reno, Nevada, Clark Pest Control has selected Mariah Glassgow from Marysville, Calif. as one of the finalists in its search for the star of next season's statewide television advertising campaign. 

Nine-year old Mariah Glassgow lives in Marysville, but was visiting Reno when she auditioned as part of the competition.  According to her parents, she loves to be in the spotlight and to sing, dance and perform.  

While the judges auditioned many talented people in Reno, the panel agreed that Mariah's energy and her cute and fun nature would fit well with the company's commercial campaigns. Clark Pest Control has historically used humor in its commercials to illustrate the many problems its customers are encountering and the services they provide to counteract those issues. 

Auditions were also held in Paso Robles and Lodi, and a finalist was selected from each of those auditions as well.   The finalists from these auditions are married couple Edward and Nancy Martinaitis of Paso Robles and nine year-old David Frame from Stockton.

All of the auditions, including Mariah's and the other finalists,' can be seen online at  

Judges are currently working with the company's advertising agency to determine which of the finalists is best suited for the 2010 campaign.   The grand-prize winner will be announced by the end of November. 

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