New York Bed Bug Infestations on the Rise

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New York Bed Bug Infestations on the Rise

Really Great Article from Our Friends at JP McHale Pest Management in NY, Thanks guys for providing this piece! make sure to visit them at and their Blog at

Hello, my name is Brian and I work for JP McHale Pest Management Inc, located in New York. New York is one of the most visited cities in the world, and also creates a large problem in hotels to maintain rooms for bed bug activity.

Once though to be eradicated in the 1950s with, now off the market, DDT, bed bugs are making a comeback. 10 years ago, bed bug calls were rare. Today we receive 5-10 calls a day regarding possible bed bug infestations.

Bed bugs are small nocturnal pests that live in your room. Bed bugs can be found in your mattress, in your pillows, in your headboard, drawers and even lampshades. They feed off human blood, and females can lay 3-5 eggs per day. Bed bugs are transmitted by sleeping at other people's homes, or having visitors sleep over. They are transmitted most commonly by luggage.

New York has a lot of cases mainly because of the city. Hotels and motels are booked on a daily basis, and having one person stay in a room with bed bugs, can give everyone else that stays in the room bed bugs, unless detected. Sanitation is not an issue as a 5 star hotel has the same chance of getting infested as a motel. Early detection is key, and now inspections are becoming easier, cheaper and more efficient with K-9 bed bug inspection dogs. Human inspections are slow, inefficient and time consuming when they have to inspection 100's of rooms.

Bed bugs are a serious issue, and you should take several preventative measures when you travel to ensure you do not run into bed bugs.

  1. Check with your hotel or motel if they do weekly bed bug inspections.
  2. Always use the luggage rack in the closet. It will keep clothes off the floor and prevent bed bugs from getting into your luggage.
  3. Do a quick inspection on the mattress for small crawling bugs or possible blood stains which is common if bed bugs are present.
  4. When you return home, wash all your clothes and keep luggage in large garbage bags.

I would like to thank Clark Pest Control for allowing me to write a blog post for them. JP McHale Pest Management does bed bug inspections and treatment in the tri state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We also have a K-9 bed bug inspection dog on staff.

Visit the Clark Pest Blog or visit to learn more.


We have bed bugs in Arizona too. I do stay-cations a lot at all of our valley resports, luckily I haven't gotten them yet!
Posted @ Tuesday, August 04, 2009 1:50 PM by Katie
I posted an article here on the blog about taking pre cautions when traveling! worth a read. Thank you for your comment!
Posted @ Tuesday, August 04, 2009 6:05 PM by Fred Speer
What good does it do to ask the motel/hotel about bedbug precautions/infestations? Even if they have a problem, they will likely lie, painting the rosiest picture possible.  
While I would certainly ask these questions, I would further ask to see the room before actual check-in. Learn before hand how to look for these bugs. If any are found, go elsewhere, of course, but before proceeding on your way and/or returning to your auto, rid yourself of clothing worn while in  
the room and thoroughly clean footwear by soundly pounding over the waste basket and spraying with Lysol disinfectant. I would suggest wearing articles of clothing for this "interview" that are readily discardable, and suggest using the lobby restroom for this purpose. You will, of course, need replacement clothing which you should have sealed tightly in a plastic bag and inspect carefully for bugs before donning. Considering the extent of bed bug infestation across the hotel/motel industry, you may need to be prepared to conduct three or more such inspections before being able to actually check in. 
I don't know how much good it might do but if making reservations prior to arrival, do so by phone, and ask the bed bug questions then as to precautions, further requesting the number of the room you will be occupying and that it be specifically decontaminated between your arrival and the departure of the last occupant. 
Nothing will get better with this situation until people force it. This epidemic is not so much caused by the lack of DDT as it is caused by the influx into the county by those of other cultures 
who do not have the same vaule for cleanliness.
Posted @ Wednesday, September 16, 2009 8:21 AM by Sean
Thankyou for commenting and you make some really good valid points!
Posted @ Thursday, November 12, 2009 3:28 PM by Fred Speer
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