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Vegetation Management - Will Harrison



Up on the stage is Will Harrison who will be talking to us about weed control and weed control programs.

Why do we need a weed control program?

First and formost if you have a processing facility or even a home weeds attract rodents and insects. Rodents eventually make their inside.

Weeds create fire hazzards

Displays an unprofessional look regardless what type of buisness it is.

Weed control needs to be an integrated approach, more than just herbicides.

Can Weed Control be cost effective?

Can Weed control be done in a cost efficient manner?

Four basic ideas


  1. know your enemy
  2. know the density
  3. what is creating the problem
  4. sensitive site 



  1. Herbicide selection
  2. Sensitive location (hospital or school close by)
  3. Timing of application 






  1. What did I miss?
  2. Why did I not Kill the weeds?


Will is also covering weed types including the tumble weed (common to Russia) which is also known as Russian Thistle.

Did You know... the "Tree of Heaven" is not actually a Tree, but a weed and can grow up to 60 feet tall! 

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San Diego Pest Control - Our San Diego Branch


Clark Pest Control's San Diego Pest Control branch offers affordable pest control solutions customized to suit your Pest Control needs. We offer a wide range of services addressing issues with pests and termites, not to mention our outstanding services for your lawn and weeds!

Customer Service for our San Diego Pest Control branch is open 6AM - 8PM Monday - Friday, Saturday-Sunday 8AM - 5PM, and offers same-day solutions to accommodate your busy schedule.

Call Clark today at 877-213-9590 and schedule your free estimate! Our San Diego Pest Control branch will control, eliminate, exterminate, exclude, or remove whatever's bugging you at your home, business, or school.

san diego pest control

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How will cold affect insect pests, weeds?

By Dr. William Johnson

Published January 20, 2010

Q: Will the recent cold temperatures down into the low 20s and upper teens reduce the number of insect pests in the following summer?

A: I get several inquires from homeowners and gardeners this time of year about whether the cold spells during the winter season will reduce the number of insect pests in the landscape or home.

However, such hope generally is unwarranted as insects are a very resilient form of animal life and are well-adapted to deal with weather-related challenges. They have developed survival strategies that usually guarantee their return each spring.

Some insects go through the winter season as adults, such as leaf-footed bugs, a most dreaded insect pest on tomatoes, citrus and pecans.

Leaf-footed bugs overwinter as adults in aggregations that can be found in trees like palms, citrus, or junipers, or can be found in places like brush piles. They do not feed during the winter, and hunker down together in groups to wait for spring.

Many insects will spend winter in other stages of life (such as eggs, larva, or pupa) which can be even more tolerant of cold temperatures.

Some insects, such as mosquitoes, reproduce so rapidly it would be difficult to tell if a cold winter had any effect on them at all. It goes without saying that Alaska and mosquitoes go hand-in-hand.

Click here to read the entire article 

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Preventing Broadleaf Weeds


Broadleaf weeds are a major problem and depending on your geographical climate, broadleafs could be could be a constant battle. Broadleaf weeds like dandelions and clover go wild in the spring and with mild temperatures causing growth here in California during winter, spring, summer and even Fall.

Combating these weeds can take some work but with a good plan of attack you can keep the Broadleaf weed and other pesky weeds at bey. By fertilizing your lawn in late winter and spring to strengthen you lawn and mowing your lawn on a regular basis you can reduce the chances of the broadleaf and other common weeds from coming back.  

Did you know?
Clark Pest control's weed control program is second to none! Clark will do a thorough inspection of your property and design a custom weed control program that will reduce insect and rodent problems, protect your beautiful lawn and plants from invasion, reduces the possibility fire dangers, and enhances the appearance of your yard. To find out more about our wide range of lawn and garden services visit http://www.clarkpest.com/lawn-garden.html

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