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Haiti - Waste Transfer station - Day 2 continued


 After the transfer yard we went to the city landfill. This person was  

not a worker but actually made a living scrapping metal and other  

goods from the refuse. Those with a weak stomach may want to skip the  

following pages.














These folks were scrapping at the medical waste dumping site. One of  

the worst parts of doing this job is the commute, they walk to work  

because they live at the dump.




landfill 2 











Of course people are not the only scrappers, we saw donkeys, goats,  

pigs and dogs too.


landfill 3 





While we thankfully didn't leave the vehicle for this part of the tour  

the employees here are overseeing the fires at the final resting place  

of many of the 300,000 Haitians lost on January 12th 2010. As you will  

see in the videos I post next week when I return the recovery of the  

dead will take years. The total number lost may never be known.



 landfill 4
















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