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Rat Control - Bethesda school dealing with rats


By: Bill Myers
Examiner Staff Writer
March 9, 2010

Students in a Bethesda elementary school are getting a hands-on lesson in pest control as their teachers and principals find themselves fighting off a rat infestation.

In an e-mail to parents and staff, Burning Tree Elementary School Rat Controlofficials announced that they had found a rat's nest on campus and "two or Three [sic] dead rats."

Montgomery County Public Schools spokesman Dana Tofig blamed February's blizzard for the school's new tenants.

"The snow, just like with a house, makes schools attractive places to hide," he said. "It doesn't appear to be widespread."

School officials have laid 42 traps and caught at least two rats, principal Nancy Erdrich said in a statement, which was reported by The Washington Post.

"Your children have not been in any danger," Erdrich was quoted as saying. "Our building services staff has been working hard to keep the building clean and they are sanitizing affected areas."

Efforts to reach the school's parents association on Monday were unsuccessful. Rats are common, though unwelcome, visitors to schools - where there's lots of places to hide and plenty of crumbs to munch.

An elementary school in Saugus, Mass., was shut down twice in late January and early February because of rats in the cafeteria and in a kindergarten vent.

The problem is international in scope: A school in County Carlow, Ireland, was shuttered in February because of a rat infestation; a school in Wales was closed last summer after rats took over the school's cafeteria.

In late February, a school district in Edinburgh, Scotland, reported that school officials had summoned exterminators 625 times in a year to deal with infestations of ants, mice, rats and even squirrels.

Rats steal food, gnaw on electric cables and wires, tear up the inside of walls and carry more than 70 diseases, from leptospirosis, a kidney and liver disease, to the bubonic plague.

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Rodent Control - Schools call in the exterminators for vermin 625 times


Published Date: 26 February 2010

Exterminators have been called out to schools in Edinburgh 625 times in the past year to deal with infestations including mice, ants and even squirrels.
Statistics reveal that the old Tynecastle High School was the most troublesome for pests - visited 44 times due to problems with ants, mice, wasps, rats and fleas.

Other badly affected schools include Dalry Primary School, which was forced to call out exterminators 13 times to get rid of mice, Holyrood High School, which called for help with ants 14 times, and Gracemount Primary, which had a recurring problem with squirrels.

Other problems listed included issues with wasps, pigeons, fleas, gulls, snails and cockroaches.

One Edinburgh company estimated that it would cost the city council £50 per call-out, bringing the total amount of money dedicated to ridding schools of vermin to approximately £31,250.

A city council spokesman said: "Hygiene standards in our schools are very high and where emerging problems are found we take swift action to have them removed before they get established."

Hermitage Park Primary School has suffered from a pigeon problem, forcing them to call pest control out three times. Granton Primary School has seen an issue with seagulls and fleas, and Prestonfield Primary School had to get rid of snails.


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Bugs invade Wilmington school


Source: WWAY 3 News
Submitted by Tim Buckley 

Bugs abounded at Blair Elementary in Wilmington this afternoon. Some six-legged friends came to visit more than 100 second graders courtesy of the North Carolina Pest Management Association.

The students were able to watch and touch Madagascar hissing cockroaches and some insect larvae much to most of the students' delight. The visit comes as the students are learning about insects and their life cycle.

"They love it," said the NC Pest Management Association's Lee Smith. "They're able to see the legs. They're able to see the head, the thorax and the abdomen and the antenna, so they get that education."

Said student Jake Splendorio, "I've learned about the cockroaches that they have skeletons, that the bugs have skeletons on the outside of them. This was really really cool."

Of course some students opted to shy away from touching the creepy crawly creatures, but enjoyed watching them from a distance.

I feel that more industry professionals should do this, there is a diffrence between "GOOD" bugs and "Bad" bugs.

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