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Salinas California - Toxic Strawberry Fields Forever?


Pests may be the the least of California's worries


It's a pesticide so toxic, many chemists refuse to handle it. But soon, it could be sprayed on California strawberries in fields around Salinas and Watsonville.

State regulators are set to approve the use of methyl iodide -- a highly toxic, potentially cancer-causing pesticide that is injected into fields before crops are planted.

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation hopes to use the chemical to replace methyl bromide -- a pesticide that drifts into the atmosphere and damages the ozone layer.

The chemical is already licensed in 47 states and will become legal in California fields after a statewide 60-day comment period ends on June 29.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved methyl iodide under the Bush administration in 2007.

Researchers told the San Francisco Chronicle that 11 states have used the pesticide at least once -- mostly on strawberry, tomato and pepper fields.

So far, no problems have been reported, but researchers say that may be because very few studies have been held.

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Salinas Rats find refuge from rain; Salinas-area exterminators busy



Reports of rodents, other vermin on rise after storms

If you aren't a fan of things that creep and crawl, you may want to salinas ratsstop reading here. People aren't the only ones who sought the dry warmth of indoor spaces during the recent storms along the Central Coast.

Rats, opossums and other animals looked for the same thing.

But as water from 10 straight days of rain destroyed the animals' underground or outdoor homes, they sought shelter of another kind.

"If it wasn't in our [humans'] houses, it would be fine," said Travis Mickle, of Clark Pest Control in Salinas. Local pest control experts have seen a big increase in calls about animals invading people's homes. And more rain is forecast for today...

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Salinas Pest Control - Non Native Pests Becoming a Big Problem


Fruit flies to wild boars to French broom, alien species are changing Monterey County.

Silent and persistent, intruders arrive in county and disrupt natural order

Peering into a magnifying glass, Brad Oliver scans 2,000-plus small insect traps a month.

In the broken wings and inert bodies, he seeks signs of trouble to come.

"If it's suspicious, I take a closer look," said Oliver, a veteran biologist with the Monterey County Agricultural Commissioner's Office.

"It's part of my job."

Fifteen miles west in a Quonset hut-like structure on an open field at California State University, Monterey Bay, Christina McKnew works on the same perplexing problem as Oliver.

Beneath a thick plastic roofing that diffuses the direct sunlight, she tends to thousands of fledgling native plants.

McKnew and Oliver share a concern over alien species invading Monterey County.

Such species can arrive in various forms - non-native plants, insects, mammals, aquatic beings, even fungi.

They threaten crops, crowd out native plants and animals and menace public health.

Oliver checks the small traps for signs of invasive insects.

McKnew, who manages greenhouses for CSUMB's Watershed Institute's Return of the Natives program, focuses on growing native plants.

Once ready, the plants are reintroduced in spots along Salinas creeks, on the former Fort Ord, behind the library in Marina and at other points degraded by alien species.

Little by little, such species encroach, often undetected, Oliver and McKnew said.

Nor does the public grasp the severity of the encroachment, they said.

That's why a nonporous inspection program at state and national borders is essential in controlling the problem, Oliver said.

"We need to monitor for these species," he said. "They're easier to control when you find them in the early stages."

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Pest Control, Salinas Ca. - Branch Spotlight


This weeks branch office spotlight is our Salinas branch. Our Salinas branch offers Pest ControlTermite controlRodent and Bird Exclusion and even Lawn and Garden services. 

The Salinas branch, just a stones throw from scenic Carmel By-The-Sea and Monterey (approx. 8 miles from the Pacific Ocean), proudly services Salinas and its surrounding communities. This branch is open from 6AM - 8PM Monday - Friday, Saturday-Sunday 8AM - 5PM, and offers same-day solutions to accommodate your busy schedule. Contact Clark TODAY.

To find out additional information about this branch visit Pest Control Salinas

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