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Clark Pest Control has grown to be the West's largest pest management company with branch offices throughout California and in the Reno, Nevada area.

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Wendy Wright of Clark Pest Control Reno Talks About A.C.E


Clark Pest Control Reno Office Manager Wendy WrightThe people who work at Clark Pest Control have long been encouraged to provide “A.C.E.,” or an Amazing Customer Experience, to every person this company serves. That’s been a guiding principle at our company since the beginning. But by putting new methods of gathering, filtering and routing information into action, our goal of keeping our customers consistently happy becomes easier to attain.

Over this past year, the Net Promoter System, or NPS, has been rolled out to all of Clark Pest Control’s 21 branch offices. NPS works by organizing information and feedback from customers into a roadmap that provides a much sharper picture of how effectively the people who work at Clark Pest Control are meeting our customers’ wants and needs. Then, that information can be targeted to the right person, or people, within the company, so they can ensure that each customer’s experience will be more satisfying –amazing, even.

The specific way each of Clark Pest Control’s 21 local service centers puts the A.C.E. concept into action may vary from branch to branch, depending on the creative ingenuity of our employees. At the "Reno, Nevada Clark Pest Control office, Branch Manager Steve Adams asked his team members to each come up with one year-end idea they thought could improve business, and then follow through on whatever they decided. Office Manager Wendy Wright, who has been working at the Reno office for almost three years, figured that focusing on people who already are Clark Pest Control customers made the best sense, so she started methodically following up with every customer who has called her office for additional service, after that requested service had been performed. “My thought was, let’s retain the customers that we already have. Let’s make sure that they’re happy. How can we do that?”

The answer she came up with was to become proactive. Wright begins her process by running a report to find customers who have called her office for an additional service, or to report a pest problem. Whether the target pests were ants, mice, spiders or something else, she then will give the customers a couple of weeks for whatever treatment was performed to take effect. Then, she will get on the phone. “I ask them, ‘How was everything? Did we address your concerns?’” Wright explains. “I’ve found a few, not many, where they’ll say, ‘Not quite sure; is it possible to get someone back out here?’”

According to Wright, some customers just don’t want to bother her office, or call back if they have any kind of problem. So she takes the initiative and makes a quality-assurance call to them instead. “This branch QA calling program has really helped us to identify those customers and address their concerns,” she says, “whether we have to go back out there a couple of times or not. And maybe it’s just an issue of educating them – informing them how our products work, or what it is that we do.”

Sometimes Wright can’t get through to a customer on the phone, so she will send a letter with her business card attached. The point is to get out in front of any customer concerns by addressing them, well before those concerns can turn into something much larger and more troublesome. “I’m finding customers very thankful and very receptive for the follow-up,” she says.

Wright’s experience has taught her that it’s always smart to keep word-of-mouth advertising in mind. “If customers are unhappy, they’re going to talk to people about their experiences,” she says. “But if we can keep those customers happy, they’re going to talk about that, also, so they’re becoming promoters for us.”

The people at Clark Pest Control can do a lot of wonderful things, like keeping your living space delightfully pest free, but our company generally does not employ mind readers. Like just about everyone else, if we want to find an answer to something, we have to ask the right questions first. Using the NPS system helps us do that. So by finding new ways to ask you how we can serve you better and keep you happy, Clark Pest Control can continue to deliver an Amazing Customer Experience to you, every time.   

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Reno's Branch Manager Kurtis Dyer Meets Nevada's Governor


Submitted by: Kurtis Dyer

Clark Pest Control, Reno NV.

Governors mansion

As a board member for International Executive Housekeeper’s Association, Sierra Nevada Chapter, I had the opportunity to attend a mixer at the Governor’s Mansion on the evening of March 26th. The mixer was sponsored by the Nevada Hotel Lodging Association.

The Governor spoke on a hot topic, the economic development of Nevada and tourism in the hospitality industry. He also went over his role and spoke about working on bringing manufacturing and industry jobs to Nevada. 

Nevada has shown some small signs of tourism growth in Northern and Southern Nevada. The outlook is good for economic growth for 2011 and 2012 in Nevada.

I got a chance to talk to the Governor one on one about Clark’s position in Northern Nevada providing work for Nevadans. He was happy to see California based companies coming into Nevada and providing needed jobs.

With Governor at Nevada Hotel Lodging Association

Thank you Kurtis for your submission and a big WAY TO GO!!

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3 day bed bug tour! Clark pest hits 3 cities in 3 days


San Diego Clark Pest Control

Day one of the Clark Pest Control's bed bug conference tour, Todays conference started in San Diego, Tomorrow San Jose (I will be live blogging) then Friday in Reno Nevada! Todays commentary was provided by Nicole Keefe.

Gail Getty of UCB ext. getting started on bed bug biology

bed bugs san diego

Interviewing Gail Getty from UCB and the SD county dept of health attendee :-)

News 10 is here, segment Airing 11, noon and 5pm

Jim Fredericks of NPMA talking about treatment options

Q&A is busy! All speakers-Jeff Lipman, Jim Fredericks & Gail Getty all on stage taking Qs


Stay tuned, I will be giving the play by play tomorrow live fron San Jose!!!

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Reno - Clark helps make a little boys wish come true


Our Reno Branch Helps An 11 Year-Old Boy  

Clark Pest Control's Reno branch, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and other charitable contributors made a little boy's wish come true.   Benny, and 11 year-old boy who suffers from a rare diease called Aplastic Anemia, had a very special wish and we sprung into action to make it come true.  

The Make-A-Wish foundation provided a room remodel for Benny which included new decorations, furniture, a television.  We stepped in to provide the icing on the cake, a Nintendo Wii video game system! The system came with the Resort Sports game and 2 controllers. Benny was elated.  

Clark is a proud sponsor of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, we have had the privilege of working with them on other wishes and it is always so gratifying. Congratulations Benny and big thanks to our Reno branch for continuing to support such a worthwhile cause.

What is Aplastic Anemia?  
Anemia due to failure of the bone marrow to produce blood cells, including red and white blood cells as well as platelets. Aplastic anemia frequently occurs without a known cause.  

Visit the Make-A-Wish Foundation

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Reno NV Pest Control, welcome to our Reno Branch.


Our Reno branch is one of Clarks newer branch offices, nestled in a high desert valley at the foot of the Sierras. Reno borders Sparks, a city with approximately a population of 90,000 residents.

Reno, known as "The Biggest Little City in the World", is famous for its casinos, and is the birthplace of the gaming corporation Harrah's Entertainment.

Clark Pest Control's Reno Nevada branch offers affordable pest control solutions customized to suit your Pest Control needs. We offer a wide range of services addressing issues with pests and termites, not to mention our outstanding services for your lawn and weeds!

Customer Service for our Reno Pest Control branch is open 6AM - 8PM Monday - Friday, Saturday-Sunday 8AM - 5PM, and offers same-day solutions to accommodate your busy schedule.

Call Clark today at 877-213-9593 and schedule your free estimate! Our Reno branch will control, eliminate, exterminate, exclude, or remove whatever's bugging you at your home, business, or school.

Visit our official Reno Pest Control branch.

To schedule your free pest evaluation click here

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Reno NV. Pest Control - Its Scorpion Season!


Scorpions Active in the Fall

There are 23 different species of scorpions in Nevada. And they are most active during the fall. As the weather cools, many will find their way into houses and garages.

Posted: 9:25 PM Sep 2, 2009
Reporter: John Tyson
Email Address: Active in the Fall

RENO, NV - There are 23 different species of scorpions in Nevada. And they are most active during the fall. As the weather cools, many will find their way into houses and garages.

Aside from their sinister looks and reputation, most scorpions, especially the ones here in Northern Nevada, are not especially dangerous to humans, although all are poisonous to some degree.

A sting from a scorpion is about the same as a bee sting or less. It will hurt, and the tissue around the sting will swell up. If there is any danger at all, it would come in the form of an allergic reaction, which might require immediate medical attention.

The real bad boy is the Bark Scorpion. It's found mainly in Southern Nevada, or to be more specific, Clark County. Its venom can be very toxic, although there hasn't been any reported deaths or even serious bites recorded as the result of a Bark Scorpion bite recently.

Scorpions do not like bright sunlight, and for that reason they'll try to find shady or dark corners to hide while waiting for prey. They are predators, and will attack and eat other insects that lurk in dark places of the home. There have been reports that a large scorpion will even kill a small mouse.

Experts say the best way to rid a home of scorpions is to call in a professional pest control company. You can also go out at night when it's dark with a black light to find them. They are known for being slow reproducers, and it's easy the experts say, to rid an area of them quite quickly.

Regardless, this time of year it's a good idea to check out your garage or other places where scorpions might hide. Even though they are not considered overly dangerous, they could cause a problem with small pets and children.

As they say, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

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