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Pest Proofing This Winter Can Keep Rodents and Other Pests Away


National Pest Management Association Offers Tips to Protect Homes from Pests in Cold Weather

Press Release Source: National Pest Management Association (NPMA)

FAIRFAX, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--For many homeowners, pest proofing is a chore relegated to the warmer months of the year. But many pests gain entry into homes in the winter as they seek shelter from the cold weather. In fact, according to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), rodents alone invade an estimated 21 million homes in the U.S. each winter.

With 24% of homeowners reporting mice infestations specifically in the winter, they are among the top pest issues of the season. Mice and rats spread diseases like Salmonella and Hantavirus when they contaminate food, and bring fleas, ticks and lice indoors. Rodents can also cause serious structural damage by chewing through wood and electrical wiring.

Other winter invaders pose health threats, as well. Cockroaches and ants contaminate food sources, and cockroaches can trigger asthma attacks in children. Spiders bite when they feel threatened, causing serious reactions in some people.

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Rodent Control - Honolulu County has just 9 food inspectors


State operating in 'crisis management' mode, official says

By Mary Vorsino
Advertiser Urban Honolulu Writer

A highly publicized rat problem at a Chinatown market is again highlighting the shortage of state food safety inspectors - whose O'ahu ranks have dwindled from 23 in 1988 to nine today - and one state senator called the problem a serious public health concern.

State Sen. David Ige, D-16th (Pearl City, 'Aiea), chairman of the Health Committee, said there is an immediate public health need to beef up the number of inspectors charged with overseeing about 5,700 food establishments on O'ahu.

And he added that the rat problem in Chinatown's Kekaulike Market may not have gotten quite so bad if there were more inspectors.

"You cannot eliminate the problem," he said, "but clearly you would have been able to see signs of a problem before it got to the point where it is today."


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Pest Control California - Foreclosure Crisis Brings Unwelcome Pests


New America Media, News Report, Annette Fuentes, Posted: Dec 14, 2009

As the foreclosure crisis continues to infect Bay Area residential neighborhoods, county governments are facing one ripple effect. Rats and mosquitos are moving in as homeowners move out.

The latest figures from RealtyTrac, a housing data company, offer more grim news about the housing crisis for the region. In November, there was a 56 percent increase in foreclosure notices sent out to homeowners compared to last year, and more than 6,000 homes are in one stage of the three-part foreclosure process. That means more abandoned houses and neglected properties, which invite a host of unwanted visitors, according to county officials.

Swimming pools, which once offered warm-weather family fun, now are a public health hazard as breeding grounds for mosquitos, carriers of the West Nile virus.

"We have one of the higher foreclosure rates in the state or the nation here in San Joaquin," said Aaron Devencenzi, of the San Joaquin Mosquito & Vector Control District. "At any one time, we're watching from 100 to 2,000 neglected swimming pools on neglected properties."

Devencenzi said his office has had to spend more of its budget to hire extra seasonal workers to monitor the pools at foreclosed properties. When they get calls from neighbors complaining about abandoned pools, workers arrive to introduce mosquito fish, which eat the larvae and prevent a population explosion. "We explain that the pool will still look nasty," he said. "It isn't going to look clean and blue."

Getting access to foreclosed houses can be difficult, so Devencenzi has been doing outreach to realtor associations, asking them to call the district if the properties they're selling have pools that need attention. "Most of this is in urban areas and can be hard to find, so we put ads in the paper and let people know they can call us," he said.

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Pest Control - Getting rid of rats for a color TV?


A TV costs 83,000 rats

by The Bug Doctor

Actually, the 14 inch color television set was a prize won by Mokhairul Islam a 40 year old farmer from Bangladesh. The contest? Who could kill the most rats and Islam out distanced the 2nd place contestant by a wide margin. Over a period of 9 months Islam killed 83,450 rats while the runner up Fakhrul Haque Akanda only bagged 37,450. While Islam used mainly poison baits Akanda employed traps and many of those he invented. To prove the number of rats each man killed they both saved the tails of the rats they killed and when the tallies were in the grand prize went to Islam.

"I am so happy to get this honor," Islam told The Associated Press after receiving a 14-inch television and a certificate amid cheers at an official ceremony packed with 500 farmers and officials. "I had no idea that the government gives prizes for this."
"This is an exciting moment. I will continue to kill them," he vowed.

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Pests Control Experts Busy As Temps Fall


mouseReported by: Jessica Williams
Wednesday, Dec 9, 2009 

(Springfield, MO) -- The temperatures are dropping and the Ozarks is getting its first taste of snow this season. That also means you could be getting some unwanted visitors.

During this time of year exterminators see their business triple. That's in part because a lot of people don't normally like to deal with mice or rats on their own. "I was screaming and everything. Maybe because I'm a woman but I don't do mice," said Cheryl Richardson.

Needless to say, Cheryl Richardson doesn't like mice. But that didn't stop the rodents from making themselves at home, once in her kitchen, and then in her well house. "I was getting ready to go to work and all of the sudden I had no water," said Richardson.

"These wires, they gnaw on those so what they did is they shorted this box out and her well didin't work anymore," said exterminator Steve Lawson.

Lawson said mice look for three things when they're trying to find a place to nest.  Shelter, food and water, and they're pretty creative about finding ways inside. "What a lot of people don't realize is they'll get up under your crawl space and run around on your pipes until they find an access point," said Lawson.

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Rats, pest control - Rats in Hawaii's Chinatown prompts inspections


Internet video of rats in Hawaii's Chinatown prompts inspections

By Dan Nakaso
Advertiser Staff Writer

An appetite-killing video spreading around the Internet of rats leaping and scurrying over produce at an indoor Chinatown food stall prompted the state Health Department yesterday to issue a citation to the business - while highlighting Chinatown's perennial problem with rats and other potentially disease-carrying vermin.

Larry Geller, an Internet blogger and political watchdog, shot the video at night outside Kekaulike Marketplace on the eve of Thanksgiving. It shows several rats crawling out from under blue tarps that cover bananas and other produce at Pacing's Market, one of a couple of dozen open-air food vendors that operate nearly side by side in Kekaulike Marketplace.

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Rat Control,Harvard University Assists Cambridge With Rat Infestation


Posted: December 1, 2009 

Students at Harvard University and residents in the surrounding neighborhoods will not have to worry about the ongoing rat problem infesting their area anymore. The Ivy League school announced this week that it would pay for 2,600 "anti-rat" trash bins to help the infestation problem.

Some residents of North Allston, a town bordering Cambridge (where Harvard is located), have blamed the prestigious school for creating the problem when it excavated a 5-acre hole for its new science complex. Although Harvard denies any wrongdoing, they are more than happy to supply the city with the bins that will cut off the source of food for the rodents.

To read the entire article please visit JP McHale

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Fast Food Nightmare!


Well today, while going through various blogs I came across an older post back from 2007 and is probably one of the most disturbing videos I have ever seen on You Tube regarding pests and pest control, so disturbing I will not post it here.

I will paint a mental picture for you, a very popular fast food restaurant (I will not mention their name) that has at least a dozen Norway Rats, climbing tables, chairs, areas where food is prepared and stored. In this video the TV station camera crew films 2 employees opening up the front doors and the first thing that comes to mind is Now how can you work and even worse serve food to people and know the health risks involved!

With this video circulating on the web and of course the TV news station that covered this story I'm sure every health department in the country will start looking more closely at dining establishments.

To view this You Tube video click here
**Warning, the comments that were made on You Tube are explicit.

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Rodents! - City closes West Rogers Park CVS Pharmacy

November 10, 2009 6:02 PM | No Comments

Mayor Daley's Dumpster Task Force today closed the CVS Pharmacy, 2825 W. Devon Ave., because management failed to sufficiently address a serious violation that they were cited for when Task Force inspectors first visited the store on Nov. 3.

Inspectors noted that while management made some effort to rodent-proof their front doors they failed to correct all of the other problems that were pointed out by the Task Force concerning clutter and mice activity during their initial visit, according to a news release from the city's Department of Streets and Sanitation. When inspectors found more than 300 mice droppings during their follow-up it became clear that the CVS store needed to be promptly closed.

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Britain has more rats than people


LONDON, Oct. 27 (UPI) 

experts say population figures indicate there are more rats living in Britain than people.

The pest control company Rentokil estimates there are as many as 80 million rats in the United Kingdom, which has a human population of 60 million, The Times of London reported Monday.

Nationwide, calls to pest control units in Britain have risen by 17 percent, the newspaper says.

Figures show the city of York in the north of England tops the list of problem towns with a yearly increase of 208 percent in its rat population, Others with a significant increase in rats are Carlisle, Exeter and Salford.

Director Peter Crowden of the National Pest Technicians Association warns there will be an epidemic unless citizens reduce food waste.

Many local councils in Britain have reduced garbage collections to every other week instead of weekly.

"Fortnightly bin collections now mean it's vital we recycle," said Crowden. "Just putting extra food scraps on compost heaps means fantastic breeding grounds for rats to spread disease."

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