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Haiti Visit - Quake aftershocks continue - Day 1 cont.


"Traveling back from meeting with the minister of the environment we  passed block after block of ruins. Where to start rebuilding? There is  so much wrong yet the people of Haiti must go on with their lives. The  Haitians are nice clean ordinary people caught in the worst nightmare  you could ever imagine." You can see how important Haiti refief is!

Terry passed on information that there was a 4 point something aftershock last Sunday, still feeling the Haitian Earthquake, so people are still on edge and unwilling or unable to move home. "Lives are too precious to be exposed to all this." Terry said.
























Terry found a makeshift dumpsite, which started after the Haiti Earthquake, fifty feet behind the hospital, the people have no waste management so they pile the garbage behind the fence.  To help clean the area they raise goats and pigs. With the amount of poor sanitaion due to the earthquake, pest control is needed with the number of rats, flies and termites. 

Haiti waste management

















"As I was saying they raise pigs behind the hospital. This 200 pound example had a colar on so I know he was not wild."

The sanitation at the adjacent hospital was poor to none existent.

"We  saw puddles ten feet long teeming with mosquito larve. This one puddle was producing thousands of Mosquitos a day. We asked the chief of staff if they could alter the wall that held back this stagnant pool." Terry said

With a roll of her eyes she told us it wasn't that easy, "With garbage 
all around us it really wouldn't change anything" she said.

She could be correct but anywhere else the people would demand better.

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Dirty Dining: Restaurants that are cleaning up their act


by Jason Lamb

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- While most restaurant owners in Anchorage do a fine job running their establishments, city reports show a few in town have fallen short when it comes to the health and safety of the food you eat.

From filthy food surfaces to rodent droppings all over the kitchen, the horror stories can be pretty disgusting.

For a break during lunch you might try the Sushi Ya Japanese restaurant on Dimond.

Its easily-accessible location attracts dozens of diners every day.

But the city's health inspections database shows the restaurant received several critical violations back in September.

Reports show during its last inspection, a food worker would "briefly run hands under water and shake off excess water" as a means of washing their hands.

So we decided to check in on how they're doing now.

Chong Kim, a Sushi Ya employee showed Channel 2 the walk-in cooler.

"It's like the chicken and the vegetable is all the stuff in here. It's the cooler, walk-in cooler," Kim said.

Back in September Sushi Ya was busted because "raw chicken was found stored above cooked chicken" in the cooler. That's a big problem, says the city health expert.

"The cooked chicken is ready to eat, you can take it out to the customers and serve it that way. Obviously if you have chicken blood that could drip on the ready-to-eat food below, that's a huge problem," said Chris Tofteberg with the Department of Health and Human Services.

Today the restaurant says it's changed its ways.

"We always keep in the bottom the raw, and the vegetables and the cooked stuff in the top," Kim said.

Another problem health inspectors found in September: The cleaning solution meant to disinfect and kill germs wasn't powerful at all. In fact, records show there was no sanitizing solution in what they were using to clean up.

Again, Sushi Ya says that doesn't happen anymore.

"We didn't put enough bleach in there, so we added a little bit more, since then," Kim said.

The next stop on our dirty dining tour takes us to Peking Wok on Dimond.

In January health inspectors found even dirtier problems here.

During the inspection the city noticed the manager of the restaurant "put his bare hands on pre cooked sweet and sour pork."

And what's more, according to the reports, "no hand sink is present on the cook line" to wash those bare hands-- a critical violation according to the city.

"What that really indicates to us, is that the handwash sink is not being used. That indicates a whole series of problems that none of the staff are using the handwash sink, because it's not available," Tofteberg said.

Inspectors discovered several other things during their visit in January. From their report, "frozen liquid waste was...on the ground out back." "cabinets, drawers, shelves, tables etc... are filthy."...

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