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Mockingbird Imitates Car Alarm Perfectly


Just the other day,  a company we are working with in Southern California Jokingly said I should blog about a pesky mocking bird in her neghiborhood that imitates a car alarm. later she sent me a link to an article, which I have posted below.

mocking birdAfter reading this I started to do a little more research and found that there are several articles about mocking birds mocking car alarms, EMS and Police Sirens and even domestic pets!

HOUSTON-In an unsettling development for the natural world, a mockingbird was heard perfectly mimicking a car alarm Monday. "I heard this strange song coming from a mockingbird in a big spruce across the street from St. Luke's Hospital," bird watcher Bob Ausmus said. "After a minute or two, I realized it was one of those multi-sound car alarms-he did the staccato one, the slowly rising one, the buzzing one. He must have picked it up from one of the BMWs in the parking lot." Ornithologists predict that the alarm song will spread to millions of birds and be handed down for centuries to come.


I also found a video of a mocking bird doing this...kinda funny, kinda funny!

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