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Bug Fest 2011 - Visit the bug zoo's booth tomorrow


Tomorrow at the Oak Grove Park in Stockton Ca. Our very own Clark Pest Control's Bug Zoo will be taking part of this once a year event. Also attending is the Bohart Museum of Entomology and more.

This years event will include:

  • Live insect and arthropod displays
  • Guided insect collecting expeditions 
  • Insect races
  • Arthropod petting zoo
  • Kids games
  • Bug themed crafts
  • Face paintings
  • Edible insects

and more...

Bug Fest 

Saturday, April 30th
10 am to 4 pm
Oak Grove Nature Center

Oak Grove Regional Park
I-5 and 8 mile rd/Stockton
Activities are FREE/$5 parking fee per vehicle

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Clark Pest Control Bug Zoo is a BIG HIT!!


bug zoo

Yesterday we visited our first school and day camp. We started our day with 3 seperate presentations at Maryhill Pre-school, the kids loved learning about Bugs and visiting our zoo display. Timmy the Termite made an appearance and the kids loved him!

Clark Pest Zoo Crew


Our afternoon presentation went great at Camp Hutchins in Lodi. We spoke to an older group of kids who were full of questions and couldn't get enough of our bugs.

Today we are heading to the La Petite Academy here in Lodi, we will post more pictures from todays event later this week!

If you are an educator and would like to have the Clark Bug Zoo visit your school please contact:

Fred Speer
209-368-7152 ext. 259

This is a free program offered by Clark Pest Control and is offered to all schools in the Central Valley, South Bay, North Bay and East Bay Areas.

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Nature's 'treasure' unearthed in Borneo


Source: CNN
Color-changing frogs, the world's longest stick insect and a slug that shoots "love darts" are among the biological "treasure" discovered by scientists in the lush green heart of Borneo.
Scientists have found 123 new species of animals, insects and stick bugplants on the South East Asian island since the three governments that control the land signed a pact to safeguard its future in 2007.
The new species are on a list released Thursday by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to mark Earth Day and to raise awareness of the value of protecting areas rich in biodiversity.
"You have some iconic small species which are very interesting to talk about but perhaps it's the plants that are tremendously important in terms of potential future cures," said David Norman, director of campaigns for the WWF.
"About half of all synthetic drugs have a natural origin -- these are commercial drugs based on plants and sometimes animals. So we can't afford to lose species," he said.
The number of new plant species discovered in Borneo in the last three years outnumbers all the other categories combined. Sixty-seven new plants have been found, along with 29 invertebrates, 17 new species of fish, one bird, five amphibians and five reptiles. The WWF describes the region as a "global treasure teeming with unique and extraordinary life."...
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Bed Bugs - Edge of Nature: Bedbugs are night stalkers


December 15th, 2009, 7:30 am
posted by Pat Brennan, green living, environment editor

Bedbugs are not as rare as they once were in Orange County; while there are no major outbreaks in the area, the past five years have seen more reports of the blood-sucking creatures than in previous years.

And by all accounts, they are terrible house guests: they bite, they smell bad, and they won't leave. Experts say getting rid of bedbugs from a building with an entrenched infestation is extremely difficult.

That might be because common bedbugs are human specialists, adapted to thrive in our dwellings and batten on our blood. They attack at night, while we sleep, and though some people feel a prick of pain from the bite itself, many don't realize they have bedbugs until the bites, especially around the face, grow itchy and swollen - or until they see staining on bed sheets from bedbug waste.

Photo by: The Orange County Register

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