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Clark Pest Control's Park Clean Up day is Tomorrow!!


Join us this Friday at Hale Park in Lodi CA.


Clean up - 9 am - 12 pm
Lunch - 12 pm - 1 pm


April 22, 2011


Hope to see you all there!

Park Cl;ean up

Visit the Clark Pest Blog or visit ClarkPest.com to learn more.

Clark Pest Control Commercial Conference - Live blogging from Lodi

Tomorrow we will be live blogging for the Clark Pest Control commercial conference, we will also be sharing feeds via FaceBook and Twitter so make dure to stop by and see the recap from some of biggest speakers in the industry!Visit the Clark Pest Blog or visit ClarkPest.com to learn more.

DRIVE THRU & DONATE - Clark Pest and Toys for Tots



Clark Pest Control is holding a drive-thru toy collection on behalf of Toys for Tots

On Friday, November 26th, anyone who is able to contribute can simply drive by and drop off new, unwrapped toys into collection bins set up right near the street.  It is convenient and easy, yet will make a big difference in the lives of many young children in our community this holiday season. 

describe the image

Clark Pest Control’s goal is to double last year’s collection of more than two truckloads of toys!  

But for anyone who misses the drive-thru donation day, the company will also be accepting donations in the office lobby throughout the month of December.  

describe the image

In addition, Clark Pest Control will have Toys for Tots bins placed in front of various businesses in downtown Lodi for the city’s Winterfest celebration on November 27th, December 4th, and December 11th.  And, most of Clark’s 22 branch locations throughout California are also participating in the toy drive.  Consumers can find the nearest office location at www.clarkpest.com



Drive-Thru Donation Day

Friday, November 26th

8 a.m. – 5 p.m.



Clark Pest Control Headquarters

555 North Guild Avenue, LodiVisit the Clark Pest Blog or visit ClarkPest.com to learn more.

Visit Clark at the Lodi Grape Festival!


Visit Clark Pest Control at the Lodi Grape Festival, Our booth is located in the Cabernet exhibition hall. Stop by and enter to win a year of pest control service, sign up for a free inspection and speak to one of our pest and termite specialists ready to answer all and any questions.

Saturday we have a special treat, The Clark Pest Bug Zoo will be out from 12-5. Watch the Bug Zoo keeper handle some really cool bugs like Tarantulas, Vigaroons, Giant roaches and even a Giant African Millipede! We will also be giving be doing tattoo's for the kids and activity books! 

Visit the Clark Pest Blog or visit ClarkPest.com to learn more.

Clark Pest Control official from Lodi on a mission to help Haiti

 Terry ClarkTerry Clark, of Clark Pest Control, will be traveling to Haiti this week to offer ideas to help control that nation's rampant pest problem. Since the massive January earthquake, Haiti has been overrun by cockroaches and rats that are spreading disease. (Jordan Guinn/News-Sentinel)


By Jordan Guinn
News-Sentinel Staff Writer
Wednesday, May 5, 2010 6:21 AM PDT

Rats are gorging themselves on corpses, cockroaches are crawling over the infirm and the Haitian government is asking for help.

Terry Clark of Clark Pest Control in Lodi is answering the Haitian government's call to help draw up a plan to deal with the nation's rampant pest problems after the massive January earthquake. The nation reached out to the National Pest Management Association, a non-profit dedicated to protecting public health, and some of its delegates. Haiti was ravaged by poverty long before the earthquakes struck. Since the January quake, the Third World country is in even worse shape. The World Health Organization reports that infectious and parasitic diseases account for 24 percent of registered deaths for children ages 5 to 9 years old.

"Since it sometimes rains in Haiti, it's a little better than Hell," Clark said.

The vice president of Clark Pest Control in Lodi is as ready as he can be for his trip. Having been vaccinated for Typhoid fever, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Diphtheria, Tetanus and Hepatitis already, Clark joked that he was going to don a flea collar during his three-day excursion to the island country. He leaves Wednesday and returns to the United States on Friday.

The visit will focus on what hospitals and the numerous tent cities are doing to combat their fly, cockroach and rodent problems.

Clark and colleagues will set traps to help them estimate the populations of rats and cockroaches in problem areas. Whatever methods of pest control they adopt will have to be easy to put into practice and can't fully revolve around the use of toxic chemicals since the rainy season is set to begin soon. Toxic chemicals could wash away and make a bad situation worse, he said.

One way Clark intends to fight the outbreak of rats is through bucket traps filled with soapy water and sunflower seeds. The seeds lure the rats into the five-gallon buckets where they drown in the soapy water, Clark said.

Using the traps will help figure out where the population of rodents is the most concentrated and where the extermination efforts should be focused.

This week's mission is one of several planned by the National Pest Management Association to curb the pest population explosion and give Haitians the tools to handle the issue.

The task will be difficult, Clark said, because the overwhelming majority of the country is illiterate.

"We will have to train with diagrams and pictograms," he said. "Training will be critical."

The 12 members of the delegation have held conference calls and done preliminary research about what they are up against, Clark said, but he admitted that much of it is guesswork until they actually land and figure out what they are dealing with.

"I'm expecting the worst," he said.

Clark is wise to expect the worst, said Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs for the National Pest Management Association.

"Everything going on right now is hearsay, but there are real examples of problems," she said. "The latrines so are infested with flies, residents are choosing not to use them and relieving themselves outside instead. That is adding insult to injury."

Although Clark and his constituents will be focusing on flies, rats and cockroaches, they must also be worried about mosquitos carrying Dengue fever, a virus spread by the insects. Dengue fever can cause a rash and the body's temperature to skyrocket to as high as 105 degrees.

If Clark is bitten by a mosquito carrying Dengue fever, he can pass it along to others when he returns stateside.

"If I'm bitten and then that mosquito bites someone else, they will contract Dengue fever," he said. "The Center for Disease Control said 100 percent of the mosquitos in Haiti are carrying it."

While the disease isn't deadly, Clark said he isn't taking any chances. He's brought extra mosquito nets and hopes everyone in his group does the same, because he isn't about to share.

Clark is taking every precaution to insure he returns safely.

He's bringing his own suture and syringe kit in case he is injured and can treat himself. The water in Haiti is largely undrinkable as well. To combat this, Clark is bringing his own and plans on wearing earplugs and chewing gum while showering to prevent water from accidentally entering his body.

While supportive, Clark said his both his wife and mother have reservations about the mission.

He and his wife are in the process of arranging a surrogacy and Clark said his doctor has concerns about his trip as well. Clark understands their worries but said this is something he has to do.

"What we do as an industry is protect people," he said. "This is a chance for us to put our money where our mouth is."

Clark will have a satellite phone on him and plans to blog about his experiences. To read his blog, visit blog.clarkpest.com.

Contact reporter Jordan Guinn at jordang@lodinews.com.

Visit the Clark Pest Blog or visit ClarkPest.com to learn more.

Lodi pest controller set to start helping in Haiti


Source: Sacbee.com

Published: Friday APR.30, 2010

A 12-person delegation of pest control experts – including Terry Clark of Lodi-based Clark Pest Control – will travel to Haiti on Wednesday for the first of three visits to assess and deal with an infestation of rats, cockroaches and other disease-carrying pests.

The problem has become increasingly serious as survivors of the Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti continue to grapple with homelessness.

"There are still a lot of food sources for rodents inside the crushed buildings – some are bodies and some are foodstuffs," Clark said. "After three months without any control, the rodents are breeding and multiplying … and with the rainy season starting, those buildings are going to flood."

Clark has armed himself with immunizations for the trip, which is expected to span three days. He will be blogging about his trip, and you can follow along at http://blog.clarkpest.com

– Gina Kim

Note: Terry will be feeding me daily updates from Haiti, as his updates come in, I will be posting live not from Lodi as usual but New Orleans LA while visiting an insect exibit. 

Visit the Clark Pest Blog or visit ClarkPest.com to learn more.

Lodi - Clark Corporate Employee's Take a Trip to the Serpentarium


Jan. 29th 2010

Last Friday, Clark Pest Control's Business Development Clark Pest GroupDepartment (the BDD) who handles our corporate phone opperations and a few select others took the guided tour of the Lodi Serpentarium.

Our tour began in the Tarantula, Roach and Scorpion room, starting with a Serpentarium staff member giving us the run down on tarantulas and even I was able to chime in with a little FAQ and Facts. Next we did a Tarantula handling demo with a very sweet G. Rosea aka Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula, followed by handling demos of Giant roaches (NOT DOMESTIC BREEDS) and an Emporer Scorpion! During the tour we also handled and were educated on various snakes (from small to very large), lizards, turtles and frogs.

Here is what a few Clark employee's had to say...

"Had an awesome experience and the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable"
Nicole G.

"My favorite part was when they fed the snake..... awesome!"
Jennifer W.

"The Serpentarium was awesome! So many amazing creatures under one roof-I was like a kid in a candy store!!!"
Wendy M.

"The roaches were fascinating!  I've always discounted them because I associate them with un-cleanliness; I never realized there is a lot more to the little guys. So many shapes and sizes!"
Ashley C.

"I learned that I like Madagascar roaches and I will soon be purchasing a Corn Snake!"
Sheena C.

"Still creeped out by the Tarantulas but, it was fun to see the frogs and amazed to see how big snakes can be!"
Joy T.

"I was up close and personal with a bunch of creepy crawly insects that normally would freak me out. Nice they were in their cages and not on me! "
Karen B.

Would like to give special thanks to Mark Myers of Clark Pest Control and the Lodi Serpentarium for making this field trip possible!

Thank you Bao for the Great Photos! 

Check back for additional photos.












Visit the Clark Pest Blog or visit ClarkPest.com to learn more.

Clark Pest audition grabs Stockton boy

Re Post from the Stockton Record 

After auditioning more than 300 people during the Lodi Grape Festival, Lodi-based Clark Pest Control has selected a 9-year-old Stockton student as the Northern California finalist in its search for the star of next season's statewide television advertising campaign.

David Frame, 9, is a student at River Oaks Charter School.

While he enjoys playing sports, his father says David really is an aspiring actor who loves drama and making up plays with his older sister.

While the judges auditioned many talented people of all ages, the panel agreed that David's audition tape showed a unique quality the company is looking for in its campaigns. Clark Pest Control has historically used humor in its commercials to illustrate the many problems its customers are encountering and the services it provides to counteract those issues.

Auditions were also held in Paso Robles and Reno, and a finalist was selected from each of those auditions as well.

The finalists from these auditions are married couple Edward and Nancy Martinaitis of Paso Robles and 9-year-old Mariah Glassgow from Marysville.

All the auditions, including David's and the other finalists', can be seen at www.clarkpest.com.

Judges are working with the company's advertising agency to determine which of the finalists is best suited for the 2010 campaign. The grand prize winner will be announced by the end of November.

-Information submitted by Clark Pest Control

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