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Praying Mantis Catches Hummingbird Caught on Film


Posted on September 10, 2009

praying-mantis-catches-hummingbird-picture-2.jpgI've heard of birds eating spiders and spiders eating birds--but who knew that praying mantises can catch hummingbirds!

The photo here proves mantises can turn the tables on birds. It was submitted to National Geographic Magazine's "Your Shot" feature and was picked as one of the "Daily Dozen" images featured on September 2.

"Like many bird watchers in our area, we keep hummingbird feeders filled in our front yard, from April until October," says Sharon Fullingim, who submitted the photo to "Your Shot." "Black chinned, broad tailed, rufous, and calliope hummingbirds visit them, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I was greeted with this shot this week. I've seen the mantis hanging around the feeders before, but didn't quite believe it would ever 'score' lunch!"

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