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2010 Bug Forecast: Don’t Get Bugged Out This Spring


2010 Bug Forecast for Your City and Home: Don't Get Bugged Out This Spring

Dr. Bob, chief entomologist with the Termite and the Ant Institute and frequent contributor to news articles about termites, ants and other pests that are common problems for homeowners throughout the United States, has released a video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8eOCjzwMu4) covering the "Bug Forecast" for your city and will let you know if you should be feeling particularly antsy this year.  He will take us inside insects breeding habits and life cycles to help us prepare for the upcoming bug season.
Winter blanketed most of the country with a deep freeze, and even though spring has officially arrived, the frigid winter may still cause problems for homeowners. Along with the anticipated warmer weather, the much less anticipated creepy crawlers will start to make an appearance and the wet summer followed by the cold winter could make the buggy season even worse this year.

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Note: Make sure to watch the YouTube video, very interesting and lots of tips to detect termites. If you have or suspect you have a termite infestation contact Clark Today. Clark Pest Control offers free termite inspections.

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