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Haiti - Tent City


Terry Clark managed to snap a photo of one of many tent cities as he made is way to visit the Minister of the Enviroment's office.

tent city in haiti 










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Bedbugs bite homeless shelter


By Catherine Pritchard
Staff writer

The Salvation Army's homeless shelter is battling a tiny pest that is causing big problems: bedbugs.

The Alexander Street shelter has been dealing with the bugs for "a good year now," said Jackie Godbold, director of public relations for the Salvation Army in Fayetteville.

"We keep them at bay and then, because of the nature of our business, it's very difficult to keep it under control," she said. "Some of our people are living under bridges."

The situation is made more difficult because the Salvation Army doesn't want to close the shelter for several days at a time to do a more thorough treatment, said Mary Webster, the shelter's case manager.

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