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Beekeepers in crisis mode over invasive pests

In crisis mode, Big Island Beekeepers packed the Komohana Research and Extension Center in Hilo this week to discuss the invasive pests threatening their industry.

President Antonie Botes led the discussion on the newly discovered "small hive beetle" which is cause for new alarm in Hawaii hives.

Beekeepers passed around samples of the pests, which have already been found from Panaewa to Hawaiian Acres.

Once inside hives, the SHB, as they are called, tunnels through the honeycomb in search of honey, wax or bee larvae, destroying the hive and contaminating the honey as it does so. Bee colonies are known to abandon the hive when infestations grow heavy.

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Rodent Control - Honolulu County has just 9 food inspectors


State operating in 'crisis management' mode, official says

By Mary Vorsino
Advertiser Urban Honolulu Writer

A highly publicized rat problem at a Chinatown market is again highlighting the shortage of state food safety inspectors - whose O'ahu ranks have dwindled from 23 in 1988 to nine today - and one state senator called the problem a serious public health concern.

State Sen. David Ige, D-16th (Pearl City, 'Aiea), chairman of the Health Committee, said there is an immediate public health need to beef up the number of inspectors charged with overseeing about 5,700 food establishments on O'ahu.

And he added that the rat problem in Chinatown's Kekaulike Market may not have gotten quite so bad if there were more inspectors.

"You cannot eliminate the problem," he said, "but clearly you would have been able to see signs of a problem before it got to the point where it is today."


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Rats, pest control - Rats in Hawaii's Chinatown prompts inspections


Internet video of rats in Hawaii's Chinatown prompts inspections

By Dan Nakaso
Advertiser Staff Writer

An appetite-killing video spreading around the Internet of rats leaping and scurrying over produce at an indoor Chinatown food stall prompted the state Health Department yesterday to issue a citation to the business - while highlighting Chinatown's perennial problem with rats and other potentially disease-carrying vermin.

Larry Geller, an Internet blogger and political watchdog, shot the video at night outside Kekaulike Marketplace on the eve of Thanksgiving. It shows several rats crawling out from under blue tarps that cover bananas and other produce at Pacing's Market, one of a couple of dozen open-air food vendors that operate nearly side by side in Kekaulike Marketplace.

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