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Clark Pest Control Says “Boo” to Pests This Halloween


Western Black WidowAccording to the National Retail Foundation, U.S. consumers are expected to spend $6.9 billion on candy, costumes and other treats this Halloween. Also, for the eleventh year in a row, the number-one adult Halloween costume is ”witch.”

While people enjoy Halloween, the Clark Man is busy with pests that are synonymous with the October 31 holiday – spiders. Typically, spiders are more active as they reach maturity during the fall months, when the season’s moister, cooler temperatures are more conducive to web building.

And while spiders are beneficial to our environment, because they hunt and eat other less-desirable insects and generally are not a threat to homeowners, they still rank high on most people’s “things I don’t want to see in my house” list. 

The fear of spiders even inspired the 1990 cult classic movie Arachnophobia (the technical term for fear of spiders), but spiders commonly seen out in the open during the day are unlikely to bite people. 

It is true that certain species of arachnids – black widows and scorpions – can present a threat to homeowners who unknowingly cross their paths. However, the black widow, for example, spends most of its time hiding under furniture or boxes, or in woodpiles, corners and crevices – locations not frequently visited.

To keep your close encounters with spiders to a minimum, the Clark Man suggests the following spider prevention tips:


  • Remove and reduce trash and rubbish from your home, such as woodpiles, boxes, plywood, tires and trash cans – especially if they are stored adjacent to the house

  • Seal cracks and crevices around doors, windows, and access holes for electrical conduits or plumbing; also, on the foundation

  • Remove clutter in closets, pantries and storage areas inside your home

  • If you leave clothes and shoes outside in the garage or porch, make sure you shake them well before putting them on

  • Apparel and equipment that is only worn occasionally (garden gloves, boots, athletic shoes, baseball mitts, camping gear, sleeping bags, etc.) should be sealed in tightly closed containers, especially in the garage or in other dark storage areas

  • When removing boxes and other items from the garage or storage areas, wear heavy gloves in case you encounter a black widow spider nesting there


Remember: If you have a problem with spiders around your home, call or text (800) 936-3339, or drop me an email at clarkcares@clarkpest.com. We will come out and make a proper identification along with a treatment recommendation.


Until next time I’m the Clark Man, and thanks for helping me keep unwanted pests out of your home.

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Creepy Halloween Movies - Tarantula



tarantula movie clark pest


This amazing sci-fi film, released in 1955 and directed by Jack Arnold, stars Leo G. Carroll, John Agar and Mara Corday. Although the movie was set in Arizona, Tarantula was shot in California, with desert scenes filmed in Apple Valley. This movie has it all – suspense and a towering 100 feet of pure, furry tarantula terror.

The movie starts as a man in pajamas with a disfigured face stumbles through the Arizona desert, then falls and dies. Matt Hastings (John Agar), a doctor from a nearby town, is called to look at the body. When he arrives, he is surprised to learn that the dead man in the desert was someone he knew, a research scientist named Eric Jacobs (Eddie Parker). Dr. Hastings asks to perform an autopsy to attempt to find out the cause of death. The sheriff refuses, ruling an autopsy unnecessary as Jacobs' associate, Dr. Gerald Deemer (Leo G. Carroll), had signed the death certificate and there appeared to be no indication of foul play.

Dr. Hastings is determined to find what killed Jacobs, so he drives 20 miles out of town to visit the dead man’s colleague Deemer at his lab. Hastings learns that Deemer and Jacobs had been conducting experiments on animals in an effort to use an atomic isotope to create a super nutrient.

Hastings learns that the experiments proved to be such a huge success that some animals were able to thrive and grow on the nutrient without any food, although the nutrient had not been perfected. Hastings also learns some of the animals had died after receiving the injections, and still others kept growing – to massive proportions. The latter include a white mouse, a guinea pig and a Mexican tarantula.

Deemer discloses to Hastings that the cause of Jacobs' death was the result of Jacobs injecting himself with the nutrient, which killed him in four days. What Deemer does not tell Hastings is that Jacob also injected his research assistant, Paul Lund (Eddie Parker), with the same nutrient.

After Hastings leaves, the deformed Lund shows up to attack Deemer and destroys the lab. Throughout this rampage, the lab catches fire and the glass front of the tarantula's enclosure is shattered by the heat.

Next, the tarantula escapes outdoors, unnoticed. Lund collapses and dies, and Deemer buries Lund's body and conceals all traces of the grave.

The next day, a new lab assistant arrives in town, the attractive Stephanie Clayton (Mara Corday). She goes by "Steve," and agrees to assist in the lab as part of her master's degree program. After being told she would have to wait a few hours for a cab to drive her to the lab, she runs into Hastings, who offers her a ride.

When Hastings and “Steve” arrive at the lab, they notice the damage. Deemer tells them thetarantula clark pest fire was caused by an equipment malfunction. He indicates that all the lab animals were killed in the fire, and avoids answering questions about what happened to his previous research assistant.

Steve begins working in the lab, and begins to notice disturbing changes in Deemer's appearance and demeanor. Meanwhile, the now average super-sized tarantula ravages the countryside as Hastings tries to unravel a mystery that includes cattle carcasses picked clean and pools of arachnid venom up to eight feet in diameter.

Once he puts two and two together, Hastings begs the Sheriff to gather law-enforcement personal and explosives so they can try to destroy the creature that is killing livestock and humans.

The tarantula eventually returns to the lab, and then pursues its human quarry down the road toward the town. After several failed attempts, the spider is eventually destroyed by a napalm attack launched from a jet-fighter squadron.



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Trick or Treating Safety Tips


Here are some safety tips to help keep your little ghosts, witches and goblins safe this halloween season!

  • Trick-or-treating should never be done alone, always make sure you are in a group or accompanied by an adult.  
  • Costumes should be fitted with reflective tape for high visability to let motorists know they are there.
  • Inspect all treats, look for package tampering, or unsafe objects that may be loose in the treat bag. Choking hazards may be lurking in there.
  • Always use a Flashlight while trick or treating, this lets other see your child and is easy to avoid trip hazards.
  • Before applying costume make up, test in a small area to make sure that your child does not have an alergic reaction. Before your little monster retires to bed, make sure all make -up is fully removed to avoid rash and irratations.
  • Always look both ways before crossing streets and intersections. Use established crosswalks if at all possible.
  • Wear well-fitting masks, costumes, and shoes to avoid blocked vision, trips, and falls.
  • Eat factory-wrapped and manufactured treats only. Avoid homemade treats unless you know the cook well.
  • Never enter homes of strangers! If your child is asked to come inside they need to let a parent know right away.

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