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Hostile take over - Bee's Take over a Texas Home


Source:  abc-7.com

Millions of bees take over empty home

Millions of honey bees took over an abandoned home in Rosharon, Texas, leading to a massive job for exterminators.

Witnesses say the Africanized bees covered the house.

"That is sick ... absolutely sick," said Claude Griffin of Gotcha Pest Control.

Griffin said the bees had been at the home for 15 to 20 years. He said it was the biggest colony he's ever seen.

"Unbearable. It's sticky. It's hot. It's nasty. There's no air," Griffin said. "You've got to hydrate for a few days before you can get out here in this jungle."

The house was vacant, but the owner needed the bees cleared out so he could tear down the structure.

Exterminators said there were six to eight hives in the house, plus a hive in a nearby tree. 

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Pests get warm welcome


Mild winter, early spring weather have exterminators working to ward off a potential bug boom.

The mild winter weather offered people ample time to spend outdoors. Now it also means there could be more uninvited houseguests crawling around in springtime.

The insects of spring have shaken off the cold and crawled out of their hiding spots weeks in advance, aided by a winter that saw less than 14 inches of snowfall in the region and above-normal temperatures during most of the colder months - especially in early 2010. Homeowners and residents across the Inland Northwest might notice more bugs compared to previous years, with indoor critters emerging from cellars, vents and attics, and outside bugs prowling the yard.

Local pest control companies have been called to action, with many reporting an increase in phone calls this year over previous thawing seasons.

"Pretty much when the weather starts heating up, the insects start showing up," said Chris Russell, a technician at Advanced Pest Control in Coeur d'Alene. "We're thinking it could be a busy season; we've already had quite a few calls for spiders and ants. We've started spraying about a month earlier."

Pat Johnson, owner and co-founder of the company, said based on her more than four decades in the business, without the extreme cold that otherwise kills off a host of indoor and outdoor pests, "we might be experiencing a busy season."

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Rodent Control - Schools call in the exterminators for vermin 625 times


Published Date: 26 February 2010

Exterminators have been called out to schools in Edinburgh 625 times in the past year to deal with infestations including mice, ants and even squirrels.
Statistics reveal that the old Tynecastle High School was the most troublesome for pests - visited 44 times due to problems with ants, mice, wasps, rats and fleas.

Other badly affected schools include Dalry Primary School, which was forced to call out exterminators 13 times to get rid of mice, Holyrood High School, which called for help with ants 14 times, and Gracemount Primary, which had a recurring problem with squirrels.

Other problems listed included issues with wasps, pigeons, fleas, gulls, snails and cockroaches.

One Edinburgh company estimated that it would cost the city council £50 per call-out, bringing the total amount of money dedicated to ridding schools of vermin to approximately £31,250.

A city council spokesman said: "Hygiene standards in our schools are very high and where emerging problems are found we take swift action to have them removed before they get established."

Hermitage Park Primary School has suffered from a pigeon problem, forcing them to call pest control out three times. Granton Primary School has seen an issue with seagulls and fleas, and Prestonfield Primary School had to get rid of snails.


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Salinas Rats find refuge from rain; Salinas-area exterminators busy


Source: thecalifornian.com

Reports of rodents, other vermin on rise after storms

If you aren't a fan of things that creep and crawl, you may want to salinas ratsstop reading here. People aren't the only ones who sought the dry warmth of indoor spaces during the recent storms along the Central Coast.

Rats, opossums and other animals looked for the same thing.

But as water from 10 straight days of rain destroyed the animals' underground or outdoor homes, they sought shelter of another kind.

"If it wasn't in our [humans'] houses, it would be fine," said Travis Mickle, of Clark Pest Control in Salinas. Local pest control experts have seen a big increase in calls about animals invading people's homes. And more rain is forecast for today...

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