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Locust swarm inspires new pizza topping


This post was recommended by one of our blog subscribers, its an interesting post and raises a question..."Would you eat a Locust?" so I asked myself this, and yes I would! Now my personal "No Eat" list would include Deep fried Tarantulas for very obvious reasons and Crickets. I deal with Crickets a lot since that is the preferred food of Tarantulas, now Crickets smell terrible and the best way to describe the smell is that of dirty socks...enough said!

Enjoy the Article



Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of locust swarms sweeping northern Victoria, with one Mildura cafe offering a locust pizza to patrons.

Authorities say the swarms are among the biggest seen in northern Victoria in 30 years.

In the Mallee, the insects are plastered across the front of vehicles forced to drive through locust clouds.

The idea for the pizza was the brainchild of Mayor Glenn Milne, who rounded up the insects and trapped them in a garbage bag.

"You can't stop finding them when they get killed on your car, but it's another story when you get out on the oval and try to catch them," he said.

Mildura car wash operator Jeff Becker says his business has quadrupled as motorists try to keep their windscreens clean.

"The bugs don't care, they'll just get on your car," he said. "Doesn't matter who you are, what you drive."

The swarms are not such good news for farmers because the locusts are feasting on early-sown crops.

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Crickets 'Forewarn' Unborn Babies About Spiders


ScienceDaily (Feb. 17, 2010)

Just because cricket moms abandon their eggs before they hatch doesn't mean they don't pass wisdom along to their babies. New research in the American Naturalist shows that crickets can warn their unborn babies about potential predator threats.

Researchers Jonathan Storm of the University of South Carolina Upstate in Spartanburg and Steven Lima of Indiana State University placed pregnant crickets into enclosures containing a wolf spider. The spiders' fangs were covered with wax so the spiders could stalk the crickets, but couldn't kill them. After the crickets laid their eggs, Storm and Lima then compared the behavior of those offspring to offspring whose mothers hadn't been exposed to spiders. The differences were dramatic.

When placed into a terrarium with a hungry wolf spider, the crickets born of spider-exposed mothers were more likely to seek shelter and stay there. They stayed hidden 113 percent longer -- and as a result had higher survival rates -- than offspring from mothers that hadn't been exposed to spiders. Another experiment showed that the "forewarned" crickets were more likely to freeze when they encountered spider silk or feces -- a behavior that could prevent them from being detected by a nearby spider.

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GOT CRICKETS? - Theme park hands out creepy crawly goodies


A Surrey theme park is offering free dried insects as pick 'n' mix snacks to its visitors as a trial.

Creepy crawly snack /PA

Chessington World of Adventures will be handing out chocolate ant wafer biscuits, cheese and bacon flavoured crickets and chocolate covered larvae in traditional pink and white paper bags.

The creepy crawly goodies - which contain real dried insects - will be dished out free of charge on Friday, reports the Daily Telegraph.

If the feedback proves positive, the edible insects will go on sale in the new Wild Asia area of the park which is due to open in March.

General Manager David Smith, said: "I have tried the sample snacks and I think if you can exercise mind over matter you will find that they are actually quite tasty.

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