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The beneficial effect of ladybugs on our gardens - predators or pests


Most Ladybugs are saviors of crops for farms on down to our personal home plants. We want ladybugs (or lady beetles) in our gardens. They feast on tiny plant eaters (mainly aphids and spider mites) that are almost invisible to the naked eye.

They can be many different colors. They usually start feeding on ladybugthe bugs as soon as they are hatched and become larvae.

 There are a couple of types of beetles that eat the plants rather than the insects. One is a Mexican bean beetle. As the name implies they feast on beans rather than insects.

There is also a squash beetle that feeds on any type of that vegetable and can destroy the crop. These are destructive pests and can be difficult to discern what it is. These two pests look like ladybugs, but a couple of clues to identify them are, they will likely be on the vegetable that they eat and most ladybugs have black heads, these don't.

Another concern with a type of ladybug is the multicolored Asian ladybug. While most of our ladybugs will head for the trees and hills during the winter months. These Asian beetles like to make themselves comfortable in the house.

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Bug Fun at BugFest at Oak Grove Nature Center April 10 2010


Bugfest 2010

Don't miss out on the fun!

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