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Termite Bites! - Terrorized by termites

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Terrorized by termites
Terrorized by termites
Terrorized by termites
It all started when Mary Ann Taylor noticed that her one-year-old grandson's back and leg were blistered with what she thought were ant bites.

So she took him to the doctor. "The doctor told me to get some cream to put on him," she says.

Taylor says the doctor told her, the bites were too big for ants, and that the boy may have been bitten by termites. The family had just moved into a home in north Jacksonville. On the outside it looks normal, but inside, it was infested with termites.

"Its all on this wall and that wall over there. All of the ceiling is rotten. He said its been ate up. If you step through its going to fall straight down," says Taylor.

Exterminators found hundreds of swarming termites inside Taylor's home.

Robert Teal is a termite expert. He says, more termite colonies are popping up all over Jacksonville. Blame the change from cold to hot weather that's sending these wood hungry insects to attack your home. "As they come out of the winter season, there's higher levels of humidity. It softens the wood and the higher temps lets them know it's time to swarm and create a new colony," says Teal.
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Living with Bed Bugs in 2010 - Dr. Dini Miller


Dr. Dini Miller is currently on deck and again one of my favorite topics...Bed Bugs

Are Bed Bugs related to fleas? No, although it is closely related to the plant pest the Aphid. Bed Bugs originated from caves and have been transported all over the world. In the 40-50's Bed Bugs were essentially eradicated due to the use of DDT, later Bed Bugs developed a resistance to DDT. 

So why are Bed Bugs back? People! International travel is a the biggest reason for the comeback. The hands down reason is most likely increased pressure of resistant population.

Poultry Farming...birds raised for meat cannot be treated with pesticides, therefor Bed Bug infestations are all more then common.

Bed Bugs after their feeds leave the host due to the heat, this is where Non-Chemical heat applications come into play. During the day they cluster together in cracks and crevices.

Eggs hatch between 8-9 days, newly hatched Bed Bugs will need their first blood meal within 3 days.


Most inspect for blood spots (red), this is incorrect, you are looking for black spots (dried blood), but most common is the actual bite. 

Thank you Dr. Dini Miller for your insight! 








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Spiders cohabitating with people?


Well this morning I came across a very well written article by the Palm Beach Post. This article implies that spiders will NOT bite you " Did you know that spiders don't drink your saliva, bite you or crawl in your mouth and get swallowed as you sleep? If one is found in your tub or sink, it fell in from above while looking for water and did not crawl up from the drain. "

Now for most spiders, its first line of defense is to bite, you reach into a box or other container, not even seeing the spider and you get bit. Now the spider didn't say to itself "ATTACK!!" you caught it by surprise and in its mind it probably saw you as a predator and went into defense mode.

"Spiders are glad to get away from you, so let them. The big three - the wolf, huntsman and nursery-web - spiders might wander into your house or park themselves just outside the door and catch roaches and other unwanted pests before they can enter.

Although these are large, brown, scary-looking spiders, their bites are not dangerous. And if you learn where they hang out, the two of you can get along without any late-night surprises."

Now as we know spiders are venomous, with only a hand full being medically significant, such as, the Black Widow, Brown Recluse  and few Tarantulas, the Blue Cobalt is not deadly but does require a trip to the hospital. Bites reactions vary and is based on an individuals reaction. I have been bit by a jumping spider, now some people I have spoke to had no reaction, I had pain for several hours and swelling and redness around the bite.

Again This article is a good article, worth a read, but please do not go out picking up random spiders, you could get bit! I would also like to add that one of the best ways to deter spiders is knocking down webs on a regular basis, if you feel you have an infestation please contact your local pest professional. Clark offers Spider control, call Clark today!

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