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Ant Pest Control-Ants know to decide on their own



Against all logic, the colonies of ants seeking to change the ant does not proceed by comparing several sites before settling. Every individual makes a selection according to its own criteria. When humans move, they usually visit several houses before deciding which one they prefer, or which best reflects their preferences. The ants themselves, carry any differently.

To understand this, researchers at the University of Bristol, led by Elva Robinson, have equipped several ants of the species Temnothorax albipennis (ants rocks) with tiny radio transmitters (in fact passive circuits RFID) 3 mm, set on their backs. The team has managed to track accurately the progress of members of an anthill in search of habitat, and
determine how these insects choose their new home.

The ants from an anthill destroyed for the purpose of the experiment were placed in a situation where two potential nesting sites were found, one close enough, the other four times more distant.

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Why are your ants doing that?


Just doing a bit of Ant research and ran across this article where we can learn something about our house pets, eh pests!

"Wonder! Hopefully, this project will also cause you to wonder about the value of ants in the environment. Do they do anything useful? Do you ever see them visiting flowers? Do you ever see them attacking and dragging back noxious insects to their colony? Do you think that ants might be good for keeping some aspects of the environment clean? Wonder about these things, and then see if you can make any observations that support your ideas. Now let's get started with first things first!"

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