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Clark Pest Control has grown to be the West's largest pest management company with branch offices throughout California and in the Reno, Nevada area.

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Termite Facts - a visual representation

Termites are a growing problem, do not become a termite statistic!

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Interview With Clark Pest Control Yuba City Branch Manager Travis Mickel


Jackson Griffith/ Fred Speer
Clark Pest Control

A Personal Interview With Branch Manager Travis Mickel About Pest Control in Yuba City, CA


Clark Pest Control’s branch office in Yuba City pest control services routes that wind through a wide swath of northern California, spanning the Sacramento Valley and such cities as Woodland, Colusa and Yuba City-Marysville up into the mountain communities of Nevada and Sierra counties – Grass Valley, Nevada City and even Downieville. The territory includes a lot of prime agricultural land, residential areas from urban settings to small towns and, heading east, mountain forests.

Travis Mickel, the Branch Manager, moved to Yuba City from Clark’s Salinas branch, about a month and a half after the office moved into new digs on the Garden Highway. According to Mickel, it’s a real upgrade that has resulted in much-improved employee morale. The added space has provided room for branch employees to pursue the continuing education they need – to maintain state license requirements, and to keep up on the latest developments in pest management, customer service, and sales. “One thing we’ve done recently,” he says, “is we’ve opened a library here at the branch with basically everything from sales to service books that guys can check out on the honor system – videos, audio books, even NPS materials. So we’ve got that as a resource for all our employees now, and it’s kind of exciting.”

NPS, or Net Promoter System, is what Clark uses to assess customer satisfaction, with feedback that helps the company design and guide efforts to improve service. It’s a company-wide effort, and the 21 Clark Pest Control branches in California and Reno, Nevada are where the idea of Amazing Customer Experience gets put into practice. “We’re heavily into NPS,” Mickel says, “like I think everyone in the company is. I have a fantastic NPS Champion, Brad Braun, who also is my Service Manager. We typically let everyone know what our results are each month, and we’ve been scoring consistently better than the company average, month in and month out – which I attribute to a lot of really good technicians who deliver great customer service, as well as Brad and Tony [Garcia], the supervisors overseeing that.”

According to Mickel, Yuba City’s numbers are increasing, both sales and estimates. “So far this year,” he says, “we’re 40 percent ahead of where we were last year at the same time period for our number of estimates, and our number of sales is 42 percent ahead of where we were last year.

“Team Yuba City pest control takes pride in growing bigger and better,” Mickel adds.

Looking ahead, Mickel sees that to grow his 30-year-old branch, which today employs 28 people, he will need others to step up, so he started a leadership class four months ago that’s set to graduate its first group this week. “I asked for volunteers, if anyone would be more interested in learning about leadership,” he says, “possibly in an existing role as a supervisor, or those who would want to go into that at some point in the future.” The result he calls pretty exciting, and kind of a cool thing.

Yuba City also recently hired a new termite inspector. “We’re looking for good things to happen there,” Mickel says. Lately he says he’s really been focusing on sales training for his staff. “I’ve been taking the whole branch through The Personal Guide to Successful Sales book that I wrote many years ago, and we’re seeing results with our creative sales. Lot’s of great things are happening.” 

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Clark Pest Control Educational Conference


commercial pest conference


We are excited to announce that our yearly educational conference will be held tomorrow in Lodi. We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our employees and vendors. Thank you for being a part of what we are certain will be an exceptional educational conference.

Clark Pest Control Educational Conference Speakers

Jeffrey m. Lipman

Jeffrey M. Lipman is a Des Moines, Iowa-based attorney who, among other areas, specializes in bed bug litigation. Last year he was a participant in Clark Pest Control multi-city bed bug tour, where his presentation “Can Ignoring the Bed Bug Problem Put You in Legal Jeopardy?”

wowed audiences with a graphic sequential illustration that spelled out just how quickly and extensively bed bugs can take over two towers of a residential complex, and what kind of issues are raised when their spreading infestation is not addressed. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Arizona, a Juris Doctorate from William Mitchell College of Law, and is a graduate of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College.


Bill pursley

Bill Pursley joined AIB as a field sanitarian in 1975, later becoming program director. He’s carried out many special assignments that deal with sanitation problems for food companies throughout the U.S. and Canada, and he also has conducted special seminars in other countries for U.S. Wheat Associates. In 2011 he received the George B. Wagner Award for outstanding contributions to mill sanitation and food safety at the International Association of Operative Millers’ 155th annual convention in San Antonio. He holds a Masters Degree in Grain Science from Kansas State University.


Rod Wheeler

As AIB’s Food Defense Specialist, Rod Wheeler assists food processing and manufacturing corporations with development and implementation of food safety and security plans, procedures and guidelines. As former director of the Office of Food Security and Emergency Preparedness with Food Products Association, Wheeler developed a series of

food security and defense programs to support food processing, manufacturing and retail food outlets. Previously, he served as Secretariat of the Food and Agricultural Coordinating Council. He’s made over 300 appearances as a law enforcement and security expert on Fox News Channel, Court TV and MSNBC. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice/ Criminology from Ohio

State University and a Key Executive Masters Degree in Public Administration from American University.

Roger crawford

Roger Crawford was born with the kind of physical challenges that would bar almost anyone from succeeding, much less becoming an NCAA Division I athlete and United States Tennis Association-certified champion. Yet he overcame those difficulties to excel in sport at Loyola Marymount University. Crawford later distilled what he learned about maintaining focus to move through adversity and break through limitations, and as “America’s Possibility Coach,” he communicates those strengths and inspires audiences to reach higher with the Possibility Principles: Purpose, Perspective, Precision and Perseverance. His story was featured in the best-selling book Chicken Soup for the Soul, and was portrayed in the Emmy Award-winning NBC-TV movie In a New Light.

We thank each and every one of you for your continued support of Clark Pest Control.

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Interview with Clark Pest Control's Coach Robert Sperling


“Send Coach Sperling down here! I want him to do my pest control!” Robert Sperling, quoting one of his happy customers, says. According to the coach, they half-expect him to show up in a white Ford Ranger to take care of marauding ants. But Sperling, for the past two years a commercial sales representative at Clark Pest Control’s Stockton office, only handles the sales part of the transaction, even though he now is licensed by the state of California to treat for pests. 

Though Sperling may not wear a service technician’s cap, he does wear a few different hats, with his most recent addition being named the head football coach at Lodi High School. Sperling has been coaching football for 16 years; it runs in his family, going back to a grandfather who played under Paul “Bear” Bryant at Alabama and later coached, and a dad who coached, and numerous relatives who also coached.

“It’s what we do,” Sperling says of his football-enthusiast family. “Years ago, I learned to coach, not for the wins and losses, but to develop kids – because I had really good coaches growing up, and they had a big influence on me and my life. My uncle taught me … a long time ago, he said, ‘If you get into it to coach just for football, just for wins and losses, then don’t. But if you’re going to do it to teach the love of the game, and what the game has to offer young men, to teach them values in life, then do it. And that’s why I do it.”

Sperling, who played football at Stockton’s Lincoln High and then at Sacramento State until he was sidelined by an injury, has coached high school ball in varying capacities over the years, at different levels – freshman, sophomore, junior varsity. He also started the Lodi Junior Flames with another coach, Ken Rhodes, as a youth football team that would act as a feeder system for Lodi High’s program.

To pay the bills so he could coach football, Sperling worked at Alpine Meats in Stockton for 18 years; he began by working in the slaughterhouse, and then drove a truck. Drivers would sell what goods were left at the end of the day, and right away, Sperling’s bosses recognized his natural ability for sales. He got promoted to a regular selling gig, which led to him landing contracts to supply hot dogs and other meats to a number of sports concessions, including the San Francisco Giants.

After Alpine Meats got sold and dismantled, Sperling moved from selling packaged meats to pest management. Because Alpine Meats and Clark Pest Control were both sponsors of the Lodi Grape Festival, Festival manager Mark Armstrong put Sperling in touch with Clark, which quickly recognized the value of having an active coach making sales.

“Especially with my job, with leads and cold calls, you’re constantly meeting new people,” Sperling says. “I love meeting new people. I’m a people person. And, I love helping them with their issues. That’s probably my favorite part.”

clark pest coach sperling

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Clark Pest Control Bug Zoo to Attend Insect Fest 2013


The Clark Pest Control's very own Bug Zoo will be attending the 2013 Insect Fest at the World of Wonders Science Museum in Lodi, CA.

For the last 2 years the Clark Pest Control Bug Zoo has attended the fun and exciting event for kids of all ages, now going on our third year. Bug Zoo Keepers Fred Speer and Patty Smith will be showing off their creepy crawlers, handling demonstrations and more!

Making her third appearance, Luna, our star of the zoo, the Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula will be available for handling as well as Tiber, the Emperor Scorpion and Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.

Other insects on display will include; Camel Spider, Brazillian Black Tarantula, Goliath Bird Eater Tarantula, Giant Vietnameese Centiped, Tailess Whip Scorpions and even a Whip Scorpion.

Make sure to save the date!
Saturday January 26th from 10am to 3pm

2 North Sacramento Street 
Lodi, CA 

Official website 

insect fest 2013

Make sure to follow us on Twitter as we will be giving additional information about this event and Tweeting live on the day of the event! 

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2012 Lodi Parade of Lights - Clark Pest Control


This was the third year Clark Pest Control participated in the annual, Lodi Parage of Lights. In the past years Clark Pest Control participated with huge floats, this year we went in the true spirit of Clark, our beautiful 1950's classic service truck with a gagle of elf's. Please check out our videos and "like" them if you do! Happy Holidays from your friends at Clark Pest Control.

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Clark Pest Control's - A Case of Termites


When Mrs. House is not feeling well Clark Man comes to the rescue! "You have a case of termites" says Clark and before you know it Mrs. House will be feeling better. Our newest commercial is a winner, we hope you think so too!

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Commercial Pest Control and How It Relates to You


By: Jackson Griffith, Clark Pest Control


Eating food that’s safe is vitally important, whether it comes from a package you just opened, or on a plate in a restaurant. You absolutely want to be confident that what you’re putting into your mouth won’t make you ill. Many food-borne illnesses can be traced to pathogens carried by insect or rodent vectors that contaminate food, so commercial pest control becomes an important component to help ensure food safety.

Commercial pest control encompasses much more than food safety, though. Offices, retail stores and centers, hotels, performing-arts venues, manufacturing plants, warehouses, transportation facilities, hospitals, government buildings, schools and universities and much more all depend upon pest control to keep their environments free from infestation. While the homes in which we live can be served by residential pest control, which Clark Pest Control also can provide, other structures also are prone to insect, spider and rodent activity, not to mention nuisance birds, bats and other animal pests. The people who spend time in those buildings depend upon commercial pest control expertise to keep pests out.

Since 1950, Clark Pest Control has been a leader in developing and implementing innovative pest control solutions for business, industry and more. Our integrated pest management (IPM) approach to solving pest problems starts with inspection and pest identification, and then addresses how pests are getting in and what’s making them feel at home once they’re there, so that when pest control products, when used, are targeted to where they are needed.

Clark Pest Control also knows how to provide commercial pest control for clients with special requirements. Clark employs more GreenPro-certified technicians than any other pest control company in California, and excels at serving kosher and Certified Organic facilities, along with LEED-certified buildings.

The commercial pest control experts at Clark Pest Control are ready to design a pest management program unique to your facility’s needs. So call us today, or visit us online at www.clarkpestcom/commercial

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Stored Product Pests Can Ruin the Holidays!


indian meal moth

The smell of Christmas, freshly cut Christmas trees and baked holiday goodies are in the air. As the holiday season approaches, we find ourselves baking tasty treats, decorating the house, hanging lights and wrapping presents. While we’re busy partaking in all this holiday cheer, something is lurking in our kitchens, something that can surely put a damper on the holidays: insects.

Indian meal moths, cigarette beetles, red flour beetles, saw-toothed grain beetles, merchant grain beetle and other pantry pests may be feasting on your cereals, rice, grains, flour and meal, along with any stored seasonal decorations made from plant or animal products. These pesky creatures, as a group, are known as stored product pests.

Stored product pests often gather where foodstuffs are stored in cupboards and pantries, and are attracted to flour, dry cereals, spices, chocolate and other candies. In most cases, these stored product pests can be traced to boxes and/or bags of dry goods in the backs of pantries that may have been opened and partially used, then forgotten. In some cases, the source may even come from outdated food that had been purchased long ago and stored for a long period of time. 

Tips for making sure these stored product pests do NOT spoil your holiday festivities.

  • Keep all food stored safely in plastic or glass containers with tight-fitting lids

  • Clean your countertops, cupboards and floors regularly, as crumbs may attract these pests

  • Refrigerate and/or freeze any baking goods that may be stored for long periods of time

  • Inspect all stored products before use

  • Read the expiration date, and when in doubt, throw it out

  • Look closely at any old decorations you’ve packed away since last season, to make sure that stored product pests haven’t set up housekeeping

In the event you do have an infestation, contact your local state-licensed pest management firm, as stored product pest infestations can be a handful.

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Rodent Proofing for the Fall and Winter - Rodent Control


Clark Pest Control 


When fall and winter arrive, the cold weather motivates us to find warmth indoors. But we’re not the only creatures who seek such comfort. Mice and rats prefer a toasty environment over the shivery outdoors, too – and if they can find a way into your toasty environment, they will. The problem, then, is how to keep these rodents from coming in and setting up housekeeping.

As with other pests, a lot of rodent pest control problems can be solved by employing two simple principles: exclusion and sanitation. The Clark rodent control approach is anchored in Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, a process that seeks to solve pest problems while minimizing risks to people and to the environment.

Let’s start with rodent exclusion, or keeping these animals out. A house mouse only needs a 3/8-inch opening – less than the circumference of a dime – to get in; a Norway rat or roof rat needs a 3/4-inch opening, which is less than the circumference of a quarter. So, to rodent-proof your home effectively, you’ll want to close off anything larger than a 1/4-inch opening.

We’ll start with doors, one of the most common points of entry. Gaps along the bottom edge, ones big enough to let rodents in, can be eliminated by installing brush strips, usually made from nylon or polypropylene bristles. Garage doors can be fitted with compression seals that perform the same function. Also, check window screens to make sure they are not torn or otherwise compromised, and make sure that basement windows, if you have them, don’t provide a way in.

Once all doors and windows are secured, you’ll want to examine the walls and foundations around your home for cracks and holes, which can be blocked temporarily with copper or steel wool wire mesh until more permanent repairs can be made.

Look for other potential entry points, too – specifically, holes where utility lines or pipes enter, which can be blocked off with wire mesh and caulking or plastic foam. Vents and ventilation openings will need to be covered by secure screens.

Rats are excellent climbers. If you have a chimney, it should be rain-capped with a spark arrestor, and think about other places high up where a rat could get in – roof defects, gaps between roof and structure, attic vents. Also, make sure you’ve trimmed any overhanging branches that might provide an easy route for rats to access your roof.

The other principle to bear in mind that should keep your living space rodent free is sanitation.  While rodent exclusion measures will help keep them out, good sanitation practices will eliminate many of the causes and conditions that help rodents to thrive.

Every pest, include rodents, needs food, water and harborage to survive. Outside, things like unsecured garbage cans, pet food left in the open, or overgrown patches of weeds, are like hanging out a sign that welcomes rats to your yard. Make sure your garbage is kept in cans or containers that can’t be accessed by rats, along with raccoons and opossums.

Keep any pet food in secure containers, too, and pick up pet dishes and empty the contents once your pets have finished feeding. Remember that if your yard is acting as a rat magnet, when a cold snap hits, you can bet those rats will try to find a way into your home’s more comfortable interior, should they be presented with the opportunity.

Inside, clutter is the enemy. Mice, in particular, will thrive in harborage provided by randomly scattered items. By cleaning up any areas in basements, garages or other rooms, if mice do find a way into your home, they won’t have as many places to set up housekeeping.

Solving rodent pest control problems isn’t rocket science. Putting the common-sense ideas we’ve outlined into practice in your home will help you make it through the winter months without unwanted guests.

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