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Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Pest Control Company


By: Fred Speer
Clark Pest Control 

Having a pest problem is never fun, regardless if it’s ants in your kitchen or flies hovering over the weekend family barbecue. Your first thought is either to look up pest control companies on the web, or dust off that phone book. When looking for a pest control company, you’re going to find many that offer the same services, but how do you know that you’re choosing the right company to handle your pest control needs?

Here are five things you will need to know before making your decision:


1. Licensed – Is this company licensed, and is its license up to date? A licensed pest control operator knows its pest control materials, knows the law and knows appropriate safety measures.


2. Treatment Methods – Will this pest control company discuss all its treatment methods with you? From a consumer standpoint, you want to know what the company’s game plan is: Does it offer alternative methods and techniques, such as integrated pest management (IPM) and softer, greener options, or is it a “hose jockey” operation that will spray gallons of pesticide all over your property?


3. Reputation – How does one pest control company stack up against the next? Is the company a Better Business Bureau member, and what is its score?


4. Proper Insurance – Does the company have appropriate insurance? Insurance is important. In the event of an accident, you as a consumer need to know that you are protected! It’s always a good practice to ask for proof of insurance.


5. Guarantee - Does this company guarantee its work?  What is its warranty? Can it provide that guarantee in writing? Always be wary about a company that doesn’t guarantee its work or provide a warranty.

clark pest control

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Growing Up a Pest Control Professional (Video)


Once upon a time, little Johnny and Janie would say they wanted to grow up to be a fireman, or a nurse. But today, young Aiden or Sophia might surprise Mom and Dad by voicing a desire to become a pest control or termite control professional instead.

Think about it: What’s not to admire about someone who looks great, drives a cool truck, and helps people solve problems that involve ants, bedbugs, spiders, termites and mice? Today’s pest control pro is like a detective who figures out life’s tiny mysteries, and they help make people’s lives easier, and more safe, by keeping all those icky pests outside where they belong.

So when that little sprout comes ripping down the sidewalk on a Big Wheel pointing at a gleaming white Clark Pest Control truck, or randomly begins spouting phrases like “Clark, we need you,” try not to worry. Pest control today is a great way to make a living and do good work that improves people’s lives.

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Letter of appreciation - Clark Pest Control

Letter of appreciation to Derek Appleton:
Dear Clark Pest Control,
My sister and her husband just purchased a home in the rural hills of Rancho Calaveras-Valley Springs area.  Last week I was helping my sister paint when I noticed the small ants. She told me her husband just complained that morning on how many bugs loved the foothills, and they would have to search for a company who would come out that far.  (I believe my brother-in-law was a bit more dramatic and freaked out with all the pests and was relieved to leave for work).
About 5 minutes after my sister was telling me this, the door bell rings... it was your Clark Pest Control specialist, Derek Appleton.  One of your TV commercials could not have timed it better.  Mr. Appleton is very professional, polite, confident, considerate and so efficient that he scheduled an appointment returning several hours later to ensure my sister and her husband had a bug-free living zone.  
This is a happy story with no ending as Mr. Appleton will continue to service their property.  Clark, you really do take care of people and make them feel safe and appreciated.
Thank you Clark, we needed you!
Rancho Calaveras
Clark Pest Control

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Bedbug threat sidelines police cars


Bethlehem officers investigating a death saw the bugs in woman's home.

By Pamela Lehman, Of The Morning Call

bedbugsBethlehem police had to take four vehicles out of service for a few days for a possible bedbug contamination, an official said.

The vehicles were parked after officers were called to a death investigation shortly after midnight Friday in the 1000 block of Carlisle Street, said police Capt. David Kravatz.

The woman's death is not suspicious, police said. While inside her home, officers saw bedbugs, Kravatz said.

Four vehicles used by officers on the call were taken out of service until they could be treated for a possible bedbug contamination. By Monday afternoon, the vehicles had been decontaminated and thoroughly washed before they were put back on the road.

"It was a precautionary measure and a courtesy to our officers to take those vehicles out of service to make sure that if there are bedbugs, they don't spread anywhere else," Kravatz said.

A handful of vehicles have been taken out of service before to be treated for possible bedbug infestations, and that problem could increase due to recent record-high temperatures, Kravatz said.

But dirty police vehicles are hardly unusual and are a less-than-glamorous aspect of police work that the public may not often see, he said.

Officers are often subjected to unsanitary conditions including garbage, fleas, roaches and ticks.

Any call involving a skunk may take a police vehicle out of commission for a few days, Kravatz said.

Skunks spotted during the day are often put down by police officers, for fear the animals may be rabid. But he said some officers may be willing to remove a smelly skunk carcass to help a distressed resident.

"I've had new officers even double-bag the skunk, thinking that would contain the smell," he said. "That never works. Even though the car is scrubbed clean, it seems like that smell lingers for days."

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Grasshoppers Invade Farm - Sacramento County


Just recently, Herald California has recieved a visitor, or should I say visitors and unwelcomedjuvenile grasshopper at that. Thousands if not millions of Grasshoppers have invaded a local community. At first they thought to be juvenile Locust but now its looking more like Grasshoppers. 

Grasshoppers prefer to eat grasses, leaves and cereal crops and majority of grasshoppers are polyphagous. Many will eat from multiple host plants in one day, while some prefer to rely on the same host plant. "Due to a warm winter and lack of vegetation to feed on has pressured the migration" stated Branch manager of the Rancho Cordova Branch Bob Golubski.

This invasion has made local news, please see the video below!






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Clark Participates in the 2nd Annual Zoo Zoom Race


team clark pest control                            2nd Annual Micke Grove Zoo Zoom medium

Team Clark will be participating in the 2nd annual Zoo Zoom run/walk race. Before, during and after the race make sure to stop by the Clark tent (located next to the Capuchin monkey exibit), we will be giving away some goodies and the Clark Bug Zoo Crew will be showing off their Tarantulas, Scorpions, roaches and more!

The Clark tent will be open from 6:30 am through 11:00 am.

About the Zoo Zoom Race
Run or walk through beautiful Micke Grove Park on a paved 5K loop, finishing inside the zoo. All entries include a commemorative t-shirt, refreshments, pancake breakfast, and free park and zoo entry.

Event Type: Family

Date: Sunday, June 10, 2012
Location: Micke Grove Zoo
Micke Grove Regional Park
11793 N. Micke Grove Rd.
Lodi, CA 95240

Get out those running shoes and start training for the 2nd Annual Micke Grove Zoo Zoom!  

Unique, zoo-themed awards for the top three male and female winners in age groups.

Special Family Packages (4members) $100 if registered by June 7. $120 race day. For additional family members, add $30 each.

Kids' Run (8 & under, not timed or scored): Entry fee: $15

Register online or on race day!

(209) 331-2010


clark pest control

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Happy 40th Birthday Scott - From your friends at Clark Pest Control


Suzy Z. reached out to us at Clark to obtain some swag for her husband for his birthday—their last name is Clark, so, of course we sent him a box of great stuff!  

For years, Scott Clark he has seen the Clark trucks, shirts on techs, and just generally knew of the brand, and had always wanted something to wear of his own because his last name is Clark.  When his wife contacted us for his 40th birthday to give him something as a surprise, we sent a box full of swag to him.  Happy 40th Scott!

"Thank you so much for your help with my husband Scott's awesome birthday gifts. The Clark Pest Control hat is his absolute new favorite, and he's already christened both the coffee cup AND the notebook. Check out the photos below.

I am so thankful to you for your sweetness and generosity. Two of the shirts (one sent by you, and another by one of the owners of the company) were too large, so I am sending them back to you so someone else can use & enjoy them. Neither one was worn, and I know they are expensive to order! And as it turned out, all the other excellent stuff you sent has turned out to be the best gift ever! I even plan on planting the flower seeds with our 3-1/2 year old daughter. :)

Very sincerely,
Suzy Z "

scott clark

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Bed Bug Testimonial - Clark Pest Control



bed bug"When I first realized that I had bedbugs in the adjoining bedrooms, I 
told the roommates that I would do all that was possible to reverse the 

I did a lot of research on lots of companies and the reports people left 
on the internet. I came to two conclusions, heat treatment was great and 
follow-up, residual, spraying for three times over three weeks was the 
Lincoln of treatments and I'm a Ford man.

The only other posting I took note of was "Hit them hard, hit them fast 
and show no mercy!!!"

After about 6 hours of reading from many perspectives and opinions, I 
settled on Clark's. Although I felt them to be expensive, a news show 
with George Stephanopoulos dated August 2010, said that a good heat 
treatment could run between $2000 - $6000. So I didn't feel they were 
out of range when Eryck Madrigal quoted the price of $3400, a little 
shocked, but everything is more now than it was 10 years ago.

I was impressed with the process of heating my apartment up to a high 
temperature and keeping it there for 6 hours when, as I confirmed, the 
science is that the bedbug can't stand over 112 degrees for more than a 
few minutes. It made sense.

The appointment was set for a few days later. I prepared the apartment 
according to the guidelines. Mechanically I was doing stuff, inside I 
was understanding emotionally to a lesser degree what my sister must 
have felt when she lost her entire home in Katrina.

The morning after the heat treatment, by the way, that crew and their 
supervisor, Tom, David, Tony, did a superb job.

However it was the next day when the technician, Heric Tavera came on 
time to do the residual spraying, that I really got the feeling of 
security back a bit. He answered my questions and explained the process 
and what could be hoped for. I felt that we had reversed a bad 

He returned for two more times and each time was courteous and 
professional. From his conversations with me, he proved to be well 
informed of latest techniques and the entire science of "bedbugology".

On a fourth visit, I had a concern and he was in the area and came by to 
show me what was going on. One bug had been found and it was very still. 
He was able to show how that showed the spraying was working and did a 
thorough inspection of the bedrooms for me.

That clinched it for me. Customer service, along with the latest 
techniques, have made a bad situation into one of a pleasant memory of 
being treated with understanding for the state of mind the customer 
floats through while this "plague" persists.

Thanks to all the team. May I never need to see any of you again 
professionally and best of success to with you."

San Francisco, CA.

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Clark Pest Leaves a Lasting Impression with 2,000 6th Graders!


Thursday April 5th, 2012

The Clark Pest Control Bug Zoo left a lasting impression at a local event called Planet Party. Planet Party is an “environmental celebration” for all sixth graders in the Manteca Unified School District which focuses on environmental stewardship. Throughout the day we would recieve classes of 30-35 students, starting with a presentation about insects and arachnids then moving on to a handling activity where the students could handle a Madasgascar Hissing cockroach and a Whip Scorpion. After handling the students would move up to the Bug Challenge "Eat a Bug, Get a Backpack".

"The level of excitement among the students was also heightened once they entered the Bug Zoo that was the main feature inside the Clark Pest Control booth. Among the main attractions were exotic bugs such as the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach which some of the braver students handled. The students also had the opportunity to taste test three types of flavored larvae. For their bravery and adventurous nature, they were rewarded with a tote bag courtesy of the pest-control company."

-Manteca Bulletin

clark pest bug zoo

Neil Hafley School sixth grader Kevin Cruz gives a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach a little kiss at the Clark Pest Control Bug Zoo tent at Thursday’ event.

HIME ROMERO/The Bulletin

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Why hire a pest pro?


Jackson Griffith | Clark Pest Control

Do you do your own pest control? That big-box hardware store carries a lot of cool items, but those household products designed to nuke bugs back to the Stone Age aren’t among them.

pest-control-professionalWhy? There’s a lot of science that goes into getting pest control right. Today, it really does take a licensed and well-trained pest professional to know precisely what pest he’s dealing with, what product to use to control it, and how much to use.

In the old days, you’d call an exterminator and a guy would show up to hose down your house and yard with his spray tank. Pest control has changed a lot since then. Today, we know that randomly spraying pesticides everywhere isn’t such a cool deal. With all the scientific advances and better information we’ve learned, along with more stringent California pest control laws to protect public health and the environment, we now understand that this is a job better left to pest professionals.

We’re not just saying that as a California pest control company that dreams of becoming your family’s pest management provider; we say it because we care about this issue deeply. At Clark Pest Control, we practice what’s called Integrated Pest Management, or IPM. Our well-trained and state-licensed pest professionals will inspect your home and property first, then tell you what specific pests we find and what conditions should be corrected – like areas hospitable to pests that need cleaning up, or entry points where pests might be getting in that will need to be blocked. Once we do start treating for pests, we’ll only use minimum amounts of pest control products we need to do the job effectively.

One big mistake that many do-it-yourself people make is that they use way too much pest control material to do the job, and what’s left over goes into a garage cabinet, or under a sink.  We bring what we use with us, and when we leave, we take it away – so you’ll never have to worry about any toxins accidentally leaking, spilling, or ending up as in ingredient at your kids’ lemonade stand.

Peace of mind with no worry about pests is what we offer. Ask us about our Pest-Away® service plan, which will keep your life pest-free without having to take matters into your own hands. At Clark Pest Control, we’re so confident that we can meet every one of your family’s pest management needs that we guarantee everything we do. We’re here for you. 

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