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Resolving To Create A Pest Free Home


new years pest resolutions

Now that the ball has dropped and the calendar has turned to 2014, it is time to start living up to those well-intentioned New Years’ resolutions. And while resolving to dust off the running shoes and get in better shape is on the Clark Man’s list, I am also hard at work on my biggest resolution helping homeowners enjoy a pest-free living environment all year long.

Even with the extensive resources and deep pest know-how my colleagues and I at Clark Pest Control have, we can’t keep this resolution alone. We need our customers to resolve to deny disease-carrying and potentially destructive pests access to their living space.

The Clark Man has come up with the following New Years’ resolutions that will help customers keep pests where they belong in 2014 - on the outside looking in!

Resolution # 1: Clean It – Keep food (both human and pet) in sealed containers and do not leave food sitting out overnight. Clean up crumbs and food spills immediately – leave no leftovers that can attract pests. Do not store firewood near your house as it provides shelter for pests like rodents, cockroaches and spiders.


Resolution # 2: Inspect It – Give packages you bring home from the store or take out of storage (i.e. seasonal decorations, clothes or camping gear) a thorough inspection for signs of pest activity such as rodent droppings and chewed packaging. Carefully inspect your luggage when coming home from a trip and check around your yard for signs of standing water – a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes.


Resolution # 3: Have It Inspected – When was the last time your home had a professional termite inspection conducted? It is a good idea to have your biggest investment inspected annually for signs of termite activity or damage from these destructive pests.


Resolution # 4: Seal It – Make sure the caulk and seals around doors and windows, weather-stripping and window screens are in good repair to deny pests easy access to your home.


Resolution # 5: Be Pro Active – It is less expensive to have preventative pest management services performed in your home on a regular basis rather than calling only when pests are literally crawling across the floor! The Clark Man knows it is easier to keep pests out of a structure than to remove them once they move in.


Remember, if an unwanted pest crosses your path, call 800/WE-NEED-YOU or drop me an e-mail at


Until next time, I’m the Clark Man and thanks for helping me keep unwanted pests out of your home.

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Holiday canned food drive at Clark Pest Control


clark can drive

Millions of Americans struggle with hunger every day, and food insecurity touches the lives of many people, from very young children to our elders – even in our own neighborhoods. So when we at Clark Pest Control were looking for a way to help out this holiday season, we felt that a canned food drive, which would benefit food banks and charities in each of the communities we serve, might be a really good way we could express our companywide spirit of generosity.

“We wanted to do something local, something the local branches could be very active in,” explains Kristen Hennings, Clark’s Marketing Department Coordinator. “Our goal is 5,000 cans by December 20.”

Employees at each of Clark Pest Control’s 21 service centers, along with the corporate office in Lodi, are donating canned food that will be distributed locally, and our customers also have been invited to participate.


Company wide have collected and donated 6,924 cans! We met our goal of 5,000 cans and almost add another 2,000 cans to our goal!
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Pests Don’t Stand A Chance with the Clark Man


Talking about insects over a business lunch certainly does get a few sideway stares from fellow diners but I don’t mind. In fact, I like it very much when I have the chance to talk about insects and how to protect people, homes and businesses from these fascinating but sometimes harmful creatures.

I am the Clark Man, Clark Pest Control’s “answer man” when it comes to innovative solutions to for preventing and eliminating creeping, crawling and flying pests from becoming a nuisance or threat to you, your family, co-workers or customers.

I have been part of Clark Pest Control since the company was founded in the 1950s and have seen our company expand its high quality pest management service offerings to customers across the state of California and into neighboring Nevada.

My role is always evolving and I’ve had the chance to work in many different areas of the company. I’ve run a residential route in San Jose, worked as a termite inspector in Reno, and fumigated shipping containers on the docks in San Diego.

Working in so many different areas of the company has given me the chance to interact with numerous members of the Clark Pest Control team – service technicians, inspectors, entomologists and service center staff. The vast technical knowledge and insect know-how they possess and share is invaluable to me and I draw on it each and every day when designing programs that prevent and eliminate pests.

I’ve also had the chance to visit with hundreds of our customers and hear about their pest concerns, and I’m glad to say our customers are the best. The valuable information they share with us helps us better protect their homes from pests and allows us to create customized service programs that deliver results.

In the coming months I look forward to sharing helpful information and easy-to-follow tips on how to prevent pests from becoming a nuisance inside or outside your home.

From identifying ways pests can enter your home to what to do if you encounter a yellowjacket nest in your yard (free tip number one – call a pest professional immediately!) we will cover pest control from ants to wasps and everything in between.

My goal is to help educate and inform consumers on the important role they play in creating a healthy, happy, pest-free zone in and around their living environment.

Remember, if an unwanted pest crosses your path, call 800/WE-NEED-YOU or drop me an e-mail at

Until next time, I’m the Clark Man and thanks for helping me keep unwanted pests out of your home.


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Creepy Halloween Movies - Tarantula



tarantula movie clark pest


This amazing sci-fi film, released in 1955 and directed by Jack Arnold, stars Leo G. Carroll, John Agar and Mara Corday. Although the movie was set in Arizona, Tarantula was shot in California, with desert scenes filmed in Apple Valley. This movie has it all – suspense and a towering 100 feet of pure, furry tarantula terror.

The movie starts as a man in pajamas with a disfigured face stumbles through the Arizona desert, then falls and dies. Matt Hastings (John Agar), a doctor from a nearby town, is called to look at the body. When he arrives, he is surprised to learn that the dead man in the desert was someone he knew, a research scientist named Eric Jacobs (Eddie Parker). Dr. Hastings asks to perform an autopsy to attempt to find out the cause of death. The sheriff refuses, ruling an autopsy unnecessary as Jacobs' associate, Dr. Gerald Deemer (Leo G. Carroll), had signed the death certificate and there appeared to be no indication of foul play.

Dr. Hastings is determined to find what killed Jacobs, so he drives 20 miles out of town to visit the dead man’s colleague Deemer at his lab. Hastings learns that Deemer and Jacobs had been conducting experiments on animals in an effort to use an atomic isotope to create a super nutrient.

Hastings learns that the experiments proved to be such a huge success that some animals were able to thrive and grow on the nutrient without any food, although the nutrient had not been perfected. Hastings also learns some of the animals had died after receiving the injections, and still others kept growing – to massive proportions. The latter include a white mouse, a guinea pig and a Mexican tarantula.

Deemer discloses to Hastings that the cause of Jacobs' death was the result of Jacobs injecting himself with the nutrient, which killed him in four days. What Deemer does not tell Hastings is that Jacob also injected his research assistant, Paul Lund (Eddie Parker), with the same nutrient.

After Hastings leaves, the deformed Lund shows up to attack Deemer and destroys the lab. Throughout this rampage, the lab catches fire and the glass front of the tarantula's enclosure is shattered by the heat.

Next, the tarantula escapes outdoors, unnoticed. Lund collapses and dies, and Deemer buries Lund's body and conceals all traces of the grave.

The next day, a new lab assistant arrives in town, the attractive Stephanie Clayton (Mara Corday). She goes by "Steve," and agrees to assist in the lab as part of her master's degree program. After being told she would have to wait a few hours for a cab to drive her to the lab, she runs into Hastings, who offers her a ride.

When Hastings and “Steve” arrive at the lab, they notice the damage. Deemer tells them thetarantula clark pest fire was caused by an equipment malfunction. He indicates that all the lab animals were killed in the fire, and avoids answering questions about what happened to his previous research assistant.

Steve begins working in the lab, and begins to notice disturbing changes in Deemer's appearance and demeanor. Meanwhile, the now average super-sized tarantula ravages the countryside as Hastings tries to unravel a mystery that includes cattle carcasses picked clean and pools of arachnid venom up to eight feet in diameter.

Once he puts two and two together, Hastings begs the Sheriff to gather law-enforcement personal and explosives so they can try to destroy the creature that is killing livestock and humans.

The tarantula eventually returns to the lab, and then pursues its human quarry down the road toward the town. After several failed attempts, the spider is eventually destroyed by a napalm attack launched from a jet-fighter squadron.



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Team Clark to Participate in 25 a Hour Marathon to Help Save Kids


By: Jackson Griffith, Clark Pest Control


Extra Life

On November 2, 2013, a brave Clark employee will be representing Team Clark in the annual  Extra-Life Gaming marathon,  where all proceeds will go to a Miracle Network Children’s Hospital of the team’s choice. Team Clark will be playing for the UC Davis Children’s Hospital.  “Even being an avid gamer, 25 hours is a long time to sit and play games,” says Fred Speer of Team Clark. “But when you think about the cause, it is more than worth it. It’s all about helping kids.” In addition, Fred has raised over $600, and is still pushing to hit his goal of $1,500 by November 2. “I will continue to use social media and will be soliciting friends, family and co-workers,” he adds. “It’s a great cause, ya know?”

To learn more about Extra-Life and Team Clark Visit:


About Extra-Life

On an Autumn Saturday each year since 2008, tens of thousands of gamers have joined together to save the lives of local kids in a celebration of gaming culture that we call Extra Life.  From console games to tabletop RPG's to even lawn sports, Extra Life gives people that love to play a chance to do what they love to save lives and make a difference.

Originally designed as a 24-hour marathon of gaming, Extra Life has evolved to mean different things to different people (though most of our participants still attempt the marathon).

To participate you need only sign up (free) and gather the support of your friends and family through tax-deductible donations to your local CMN Hospital.  Then on Saturday, November 2nd (or any day that works for you!) play any game(s) you want on any platform(s) that you want with anyone you want for as long as you want.

The proceeds from Extra Life stay where they're raised to support children's hospitals.

Since 2008, our incredible players have raised more than 4 million dollars, and this year, on November2nd, 2013 we believe they will outdo themselves yet again.

With your help we can set a new record and save so many more kids! 


About Children’s Miracle Network  Hospitals

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals is celebrating its 30-year anniversary! Since 1983, the organization has raised more than $4.7 billion—most of it $1 at a time—for 170 children’s hospitals across the United States and Canada, which, in turn, use the money where it’s needed the most. These donations have gone to support research and training, purchase equipment, and pay for uncompensated care, all in support of the mission to save and improve the lives of as many children as possible.

Right now there’s a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital working to save the lives of kids in your community. In fact, 62 children enter a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital for treatment every minute — that's one child every second. Some are battling cancer. Some are suffering from a traumatic injury. Others requireconstant care because they were born too early, or with a genetic disease. Regardless of why the kids are there, 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals always have their doors open. See excerpts of our incredible journey below and join us as we continue our mission to increase funds and awareness for local children’s hospitals.


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Creepy Movies With Creepy Crawley Bugs!


In the spirit of Halloween, we will be sharing our top five favorite classic horror/sci-Fi flicks that include creepy and crawly bugs. Our fist installment includes one of my favorite arachnids: the scorpion.

The Black Scorpion
Warner Bros.,1957

 Black Scorpion Movie




















This film begins with a major earthquake of epic proportions that hits Mexico, causing a new volcano to form. Two geologists, Dr. Hank Scott and Dr. Arturo Ramos, are sent to survey the newly formed volcano. On their way to a nearby village, the geologists come upon a smashed house, a destroyed police car, a dead police officer and an abandoned baby. With an opening like this, you know you’re in store for some pure creepy-crawling, terrorizing giant bug action.

The geologists take the baby to the village, and are welcomed by the village priest, Father Delgado. While looking into the strange geological occurrence, they also investigate the destruction of the village and slaughter of livestock. The locals hear loud roars, and believe the death and destruction is coming from a demon bull. While aiding the village and conducting their survey, Hank falls head over heels in love with a local rancher named Teresa Alvarez.

The volcano erupts again, and it’s discovered that the disappearances and deaths are not the result of a demon bull, but giant prehistoric scorpions. Shortly after three telephone repairmen are attacked, the scorpions turn their attention on the village. Major Cosio and his troops, with the aid of the Mexican army, have no effect on the giant scorpions, and by morning, the giant scorpions return to their underground lair, leaving the geologists to seek help from a renowned entomologist, Dr. Velasco, who may be their only hope.

Hank and Arturo come up with a plan to destroy the cave entrance. Their plan works, but the giant scorpions make their way to the surface and destroy a train full of innocent passengers. Shortly after that, the scorpions turn on each other. Only one scorpion is left standing – the biggest and baddest. Next, the lone scorpion makes its way to Mexico City. Hank and Arturo come up with a plan, using meat from a local butcher shop, to lure the giant scorpion into a stadium, where the Army awaits with tanks and helicopters. This plan fails, as the scorpion’s armored exoskeleton is too strong and impenetrable. As a last-ditch effort, Hank attaches an electrical cable to a spear and shoots it into the giant scorpion’s neck, which electrocutes the beast to death!

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Top 10 Fall Pest Tips


Our top 10 tips to help keep the pests out!

fall pests

Fall is here, and what’s not to love about it? The changing color of the leaves, cooler weather, decorating for Halloween, picking that perfect pumpkin, gathering around the table for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and watching your favorite football team on TV – fall truly is the perfect season. But there is something that can put a damper on the holidays: pests!

Our top trouble-making fall pests are spiders, rodents, roaches and various insects, which will seek refuge from the cold in garages, sheds and even your home during the cooler months. In order to keep these pests outside where they belong, we’ve listed the top ten ways to discourage them from coming inside.

1. Exterior intrusions : Seal up cracks and crevices outside of your home. Don’t overlook main breaker boxes, water inlets and exterior stucco cracks.

2. Interior intrusions: Inspect under sinks, especially around pipes and water-supply lines where they meet the wall.

3. Inspect for leaks: Examine under your sink and around your toilet for leaks or additional moisture.

4. Inspect exterior doors and screens: Make sure all exterior doors have a door sweep installed, as pests can enter easily without anyone present. Screens with tears or holes should be repaired.

5. Firewood: Keep your firewood away from your home. Pests will climb stacks to gain access to your residence, and will use stacked firewood for refuge.

6. Trees and shrubs: Make sure tree limbs and shrubs are kept trimmed away from your home.

7. Food storage: Food should be stored in airtight containers.

8. Keep things tidy: By keeping your living and non-living areas tidy, you’ll discourage pests from making your home theirs.

9. Trash areas: Keep your trash areas clean by bagging your trash in plastic bags.

10. If you suspect you have a pest issue, contact your local Clark Pest Control service center to help identify the problem. 

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Getting the bugs – and pests – out


By Vicki McKenna

I hate pushy door-to-door salespeople. I’ve had my fair share of carpet cleaning guys knocking on my door offering to clean a room for free and those over-priced vacuum cleaner reps who come into your home and throw coffee filters and dirt all over your house in order to demonstrate the incredible suction of their $1,200 vacuum.

OK, I admit to buying the miracle spot and stain remover, and let’s not forget the time I ended up talking to a wholesale meat dealer. After two hours of talking beef, he finally revealed to me that what he was really selling was a freezer – a $2,500 freezer! He said he couldn’t sell me the meat until I owned the freezer. Shouldn’t he have told me that up front?

Well, last week I opened my garage door to find a short man with a clipboard and a binder lurking around the front of my house. “Oh, you scared me,” he said, laughing nervously. I didn’t like him already. We were heading out to Olive Garden for my son’s birthday, and we were running late. This was the last thing I needed.

“I’ve been talking to some of your neighbors, and it seems they’re having trouble with this guy right here.” He flipped open a binder which revealed a collection of graphic photos of bugs that I’m pretty sure live in the Amazon – not Antioch. He showed me a photo of a hairy yellow spider. It looked like the photo had been enlarged about 100 times.

“I’ve never seen that in my house,” I assured him. “And besides, we already have an exterminator. We use Clark Pest Control, and we have always been happy.”

This man did not understand my fierce loyalty to Arturo, my exterminator who has helped us with rodents, ants, spiders and even worms. Arturo is now considered family, and I would never leave him.

“Well, I can save you money,” He persisted. “If he’s a friend, he would want you to save money. I’m sure he has other accounts.”

“You don’t get it,” I argued. “We get together for drinks at Christmas!” OK, that wasn’t really true. I did give him a bottle of wine one Christmas though. “We went to the Big Time Rush concert together,” I added. OK, that wasn’t true either, but we did bump into Arturo and his family at the concert.

I embellished a bit because I needed to get the message across to this guy that I wasn’t about to cheat on my exterminator.

“Well, I hate to tell you this,” he said, glancing up at the eaves underneath my garage, “but you’re infested. That’s spot-webbing up there, and that means they’re in your walls.”

“Who are in my walls?” I asked, getting even more irritated.

“This guy,” he said, flipping to another creepy photo in his bug binder. It was a black widow spider – by far my most-feared bug. My sister-in-law sat on one a few years back as she hopped out of a hot tub. She spent three days in the ICU on a morphine drip. I never want to have to go through that or watch one of my kids go through it.

“You know in 16 years none of my guys have been bitten by a black widow,” he said proudly. What does that have to do with anything? It’s not like his employees have to engage in hand-to-hand combat with black-widow spiders. Don’t they just douse it with chemicals? How risky is that?

“Well if I see one, I will be sure to call Arturo,” I said calmly.

“I thought you said you were with Clark,” he asked, looking puzzled.

What a boob!

“Yes, I am,” I explained. “Our technician’s name is Arturo. He works for Clark.” I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. I yelled into my house at my kids, “Let’s go! Now we’re going to be late!”

Thankfully he got the hint and took off down the street to bug my neighbors. All I know is he really should put a big picture of himself in that bug binder. He was the biggest pest of all.

Read more: - Getting the bugs and pests out
Thank you Vicki!
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The Wolf Spider - Clark Pest Control


Written by Fred Speer
Clark Pest Control 

wolf spider

Spiders often trigger fear in people who come into contact with them.  Frequently, they are portrayed in movies and TV shows as menacing, eight-legged, blood-thirsty freaks on the prowl for their next victim.

While sometimes this is a misconception, there is one spider that fits this description. The wolf spider is the perfect eight-legged hunter, one that will either lie in wait or stalk its prey. This agile, lightning-fast spider poses little threat to humans, and will only bite when provoked.

The wolf spider is often mistaken for a very young tarantula, because of its size, color, and “stout” stature. Its body size ranges from one to 30 millimeters. Interestingly, some wolf spiders have the ability to walk on water to avoid becoming prey.

A Softer Side of the Wolf Spider

One thing that really sets this spider apart from other spiders is the way the mother interacts with her offspring. Newly hatched spiderlings will climb onto her back, and they will stay there for up to a week before they venture off on their own.

Friend or Foe

The wolf spider should be considered our friend, as they are beneficial pests that munch on crickets, cockroaches, and various flying insects.  When a wolf spider bites a human, usually the damage is minimal, and typically there is no need for treatment unless the person bitten is allergic, or is having a reaction.

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Reuben of Rancho Cordova Gets His Wish Granted With Help From Clark


Reuben Nazareno, a rambunctious three-year-old from Rancho Cordova, CA, looks like any other energetic boy his age. To watch him play with his little brother, you probably would not guess that he has been through a long treatment regimen for leukemia, a disease that he was diagnosed with two years ago. Fortunately, Reuben’s leukemia is now in remission.

Reuben receiving superhero themed gifts from Make A Wish.

Last year, due to the kindness and generosity of the Make-A-Wish® Foundation of Northern California and Northern Nevada and Clark Pest Control, Reuben had his biggest wish granted! Clark Pest Control’s Lodi-based corporate headquarters orchestrated a donation drive among employees in its 22 branches and main office over November and December 2012. The $5,000 Clark raised sent Reuben and his family to Disney World in Orlando, Florida in late March. According to Reuben’s mom Christina, they had a wonderful time.

Reuben posing as Captain America


To follow up on his trip, Reuben, along with his mom and little brother, met with some of his new friends from Clark Pest Control at The Wishing Place, Make-A-Wish®'’s local office in Sacramento. Excited employees from the company’s Rancho Cordova and Lodi offices came, including Vice President Terry Clark and Marketing Department Coordinator Kristen Hennings, who did a large part of the footwork inside the company to make Reuben’s wish a reality.

Fred Speer, Clark Pest Control’s Online Community Manager and Bug Zookeeper, brought along the Bug Zoo family of tarantula spiders, scorpions, Madagascar hissing cockroaches and other arthropods.Reuben had a great time checking the critters out up close.

Reuben viewing a tarantula from the Clark Pest Bug Zoo


For the Clark Pest Control employees, watching Reuben enjoy the new toys they had brought for him and seeing him marvel at the Clark Bug Zoo creatures was deeply gratifying.Giving back to the communities we serve is a value that the people at Clark Pest Control share as a matter of principle, and participating in something like Make-A-Wish®, which brings real happiness to children who need just that, is the sort of activity that gives meaning to what we believe.

Reuben with the Clark Pest and Make A Wish Teams

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