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Physical Characteristics

Unengorged adult female tick is 3/16" long, the male being slightly smaller (about 1/8"). Body is oval in shape and color is brown with whitish to gray markings. Ticks are eight legged.


The tick will not survive indoors, ticks found indoors have been brought in by its host, probably a dog. Adult ticks will crawl up grass or low vegetation and grasp on to any passing host and prefer larger mammals such as; dogs, man, cattle, coyotes, hogs, horses, squirrels and etc.

Ticks may be attracted by scents of animal and most numerous along roads, paths and trails.

Some of the diseases vectored by ticks include Colorado Tick Fever, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme disease, Powassan encephalitis, Relapsing Fever, Endemic Typhus and many others.


Most infestations of ticks can be controlled with Clark's Year Round Pest Control in conjunction with the treatment of any pets.