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Carpet Beetle

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Physical Characteristics

Adult carpet beetles are 1/16" 1/8" long, body is oval in shape. Carpet beetles are black with a white/orange/red pattern. Caret beetle larvae are 1/4", reddish brown with black and or brown tufts of hair.


Typically adult carpet beetles are found outside during late spring through mid summer on flowers feeding on pollen and nectar. The carpet beetles feeds on natural animal by products, resulting in uneven holes. Carpet beetle larvae feed on a wide variety of animal and plant materials such as; wool, hair, horn, feathers, silk, furs, pressed flowers and plants, rye, flour and wheat.


Often the Pest-A-Way Barrier is all that is really needed to control adult carpet beetles on the outside of a home. And by preventing them on the outside, the probability of an interior infestation is greatly reduced. In the case of an interior infestation an inspection/treatment will be necessary. With Clark's Year Round Pest Control. However, in cases of heavy, difficult infestations a combination of residual barriers may be used.